Sunday, August 10, 2014

Where Angels Live...

You know you live with angels when...

  ~ You find two little barefoot souls, cuddled up...crayons scattered, quietly being creative, enjoying each other's presence and "end of the day sunlight." 

~ You see their faces delight in simple things...bubbles, smores, climbing trees, finding the moon in the sky, birds eating their seed offerings...

~ when they love color, gravity, textures, sounds ... we don't know much about the angels but I'm pretty sure they delight in my babies do. 

You know you live with angels when they make funny faces, when they squirm and climb and jump and bounce. I'm pretty sure angels fly ... so do my littles, in spirit, in bravery, in good character. My babies can fly so very high. 

You know that your children are growing in character when your oldest son offers to make breakfast (and you know you are growing in good character when you let him, and don't mind one bit if it's a little bit crispy. )

You know your children are angels when you come home from grocery shopping and find them barefoot in the kitchen, every dish scrubbed, a little tongue sticking out of the corner of their mouth as they concentrate so hard on the task at hand...then your husband comes in and says "I didn't even ask her to help, I just found her this way." You know you are loved through their service, and you thank them and offer thanks to God for their sweet spirits. Angels do indeed live on Oakland Street, and today they were ever so busy in my ever so messy kitchen. 

You know you are loved when you find your portrait on the kitchen refrigerator and the artist made sure to clothe you in your favorite color. 

I love the moments in my life when I look around me, and gratitude for what I see is bursting through me at such a fast rate I could laugh, I could dance...and I do. I love the moments in my life when the day is cooling and the sun is sinking and my kids are playing in the backyard and they are content. I feel hope at these moments - because I know that regardless of what our life has brought us we are normal even though we aren't "typical." We are a family that is pursuing one another, we are a family that enjoys a good tamale dinner and a game of soccer and building fairy lands in Tristan's little dirt pile (did I tell you the birds come every evening and fluff their feathers in the dust of Koala's little trenches?) I have hope because I can feel love, I can feel it in my spirit. It's not always, it's not every moment of every single day...but when I do feel it I know I'm blessed...and when I don't feel it I'm learning that I am STILL blessed. 

The reason why I know that angels live here is because I have changed over these last "almost" nine years of parenting. Only something sent directly from God can bring such change to this world...such simple yet so very complicated good change. Only someone or "somebody's" sent from Heavenly Father could make me know such tremendous grace, such wonderful mercy...such beautiful creativity...such contentment in myself and in who I am...and then in excepting who my children are. Only The Ultimate Artist could achieve such beauty in a family so ordinarily human

I know angels live here...and I give thanks. 

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