Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday Learning...And a Bird

My goal for homeschooling this year - simple yet a rather elusive concept for someone like me - TO BE ORGANIZED. Yes, I admit ... even though I love structure and scan pinterest for every type of organizational system known to man, whether it be where to keep your toilet paper or hanging your gift wrap from your closet ceiling...I pretty much stink at organizing kids laundry, cleaning schedules, homeschooling, and so on and so forth. Okay, I don't so much stink AT organizing, it's keeping it organized that I have issues with. You should see my dresser drawers ... if I was in a car wreck and my clothes were mangled and a friend needed to go to my house to get me some clean pajamas...
1. They wouldn't be able to find them
2. They would be shocked and dismayed
3. They would things that weren't clothes where my clothes should be

This is ACTUALLY a scenario I think about at least once a week - and yes, I refold, relocate, re envision my life as a clutter free soul ... and after a few days, chaos returns. 

But not this year. I am going to say for myself and for the record and for my children and for the blogging community - Alyssa will be organized this year. She will keep learning fresh and fun. She will be creative ... she will take long time outs when overwhelmed and she will eat chocolate ( not too much chocolate.) Yes, this I decree...I will be organized therefor making more SENSIBLE time for everyone...including myself. 

“An idea can only become a reality once it is broken down into organized, actionable elements.” 
― Scott BelskyMaking Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality

So without further ado, our Tuesday home school :

This year I have put together a State Study for the kids. Trinity and Brady each got a three ring binder and we are doing a state study in alphabetical order, one state per week. Last week we learned about Alabama, today was Alaska. I do NOT have a curriculum for this ... just the handy dandy Internet, a printer, and some craft supplies. We read interesting facts about each state, I find free printables for the state bird, flower, fish...those kinds of things. Easy Peasy but generally takes about an hour to read, maybe watch the State Song on Youtube and then color all of the printables. 

So far, the kids have loved States Day. I figure this will be excellent for a "first time lesson plan mom" because it will take us exactly 50 weeks to finish (no school breaks around here yall guys.) There are tons of resources online ... we printed off one of our coloring pages here
Also, you can find my board on Pinterest for some of my home school activities.  

Totally off topic but HAS TO BE SAID...I got a bird!!! My very own little zebra finch. 

Kids : what are we going to name it?
Me : Do you mean what am I going to name it? 

His name is Sweetie and has the cutest little song you ever did hear, and the rosiest cheeks you ever did see. He's a darling little gray fluff ball of energy and I loves hims so muches and I can't talk to him without making the "baby voice." His name is Sweetie just so I can say it in a rather annoying high pitched voice and get a reaction from him. He is 15 dollars of pure entertainment and a friend while I cook ( I keep him in my kitchen under a window so he can get fresh air.) I love him. Everyone needs a bird.

Back to homeschooling...

 Tristan's "education" is rather simple ... I read to him, we play learning games, and he has a couple of workbooks so he can become comfortable tracing letters and numbers. 
I have really enjoyed the freedom of mixing and matching curriculum for certain subjects...keeps things spicy around here. 

What little boy wouldn't want to help Han Solo and Chewbacca find the path of 2's ? 

The kids also did their math workbook pages and Chapter books and we called it a day (I had a rather grumpy three year old underfoot at the time and had hit a wall. That's fine.) 

We made some pineapple mint  iced tea...

...then I labored over the mountain we call laundry...

...and rewarded my mothering self with this little piece of comfort food heaven. 

Feeling blessed, and I give thanks...

*~Alyssa Spring ~*


  1. Sounds like a great day! I am just working on our homeschool plans for the coming year, we get started the second week of September, although I do believe we are all learning all the time :)

    Love your new bird, so darn cute!

    And that sandwich...looks delicious.