Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three Glimpses...

Morning, Noon, and Night ... three glimpses of an ordinary day

Morning, forget the hour , my orchids saluting the sun from my new desktop (another day, another post...stay tuned)

Mid Afternoon - finding a rocket ship ready to launch, the pilot and copilot missing. It looks so proud doesn't it? 

Then, just before bed, the sun beginning to set and these two clowns catch their "second wind" ...or maybe their 15th wind of the day (who's counting?) and a game of soccer ensues in the backyard complete with jumping, finding their heads for no apparent reason except it seemed fun. 


Real Heartbreakers. 

This post was inspired by a new lovely blog I found ... Mothering With Mindfullness...link up if you want to play too. 


  1. Gorgeous orchids! My little man gets his second (or 15th, as you mention) just after dinner every. single. night. Not sure where the energy comes from but is is fun to watch.

    Lovely glimpses from your day. Thanks for playing along.

  2. Nice orchids. The kids are cute too and they look like they are having tremendous fun. Enjoy your weekend.