Monday, September 29, 2014

For the Love of Fall

pine needles...

... beautiful trees, whole and fallen...

... attempting a "together" photo...

... fresh air and clearing minds...

... gold aspens...

... love...

... laughs.

Friday, September 12, 2014

We've been...

We've been...

~ Practicing soccer daily
~ enjoying cooler weather
~ experimenting with headbands for the whole family (it's what happens when you have a bunch of kids with long hair and sticky foods...)

~ enjoying the outdoors
~ smiling at out kids expressing themselves

~ trying to take family pictures (pretty difficult feat when 3 out of your 4 children don't like to make eye contact...thus the reason we have never had a professional photo taken)
~ not caring if out kids take "good' pictures

~ enjoying a beloved brother and watching his fresh start in Colorado
~ eating peanut butter banana sandwiches
~ playing soccer in the backyard (oops, did I already say that?)
~ visiting thrift stores ( getting ready for winter!)

~ eating lots of apples
~ getting ready for fall

~ visiting the library

~ drawing 
~ coloring
~ writing
~ reading
~ watching "The Price is Right" for math class (haha)

~ surviving a three day cold (which is like an eight day cold after everyone in the family catching it a day apart )

~ enjoying fall colors and "get well" flowers from my sweetie (my BIGGEST sweetie)
~ googling pumpkin recipes and making plans

~ drinking pots and pots of echinecea tea and eating vitamin C powder by the spoonful
~ finishing up my Christmas shopping (yes, I am ALMOST done)