Sunday, October 19, 2014

We Meet Again

Seeing my little disney character nieces for the second time... priceless. 

Seeing my brother with his baby...beyond priceless. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

For the Love of Fall

pine needles...

... beautiful trees, whole and fallen...

... attempting a "together" photo...

... fresh air and clearing minds...

... gold aspens...

... love...

... laughs.

Friday, September 12, 2014

We've been...

We've been...

~ Practicing soccer daily
~ enjoying cooler weather
~ experimenting with headbands for the whole family (it's what happens when you have a bunch of kids with long hair and sticky foods...)

~ enjoying the outdoors
~ smiling at out kids expressing themselves

~ trying to take family pictures (pretty difficult feat when 3 out of your 4 children don't like to make eye contact...thus the reason we have never had a professional photo taken)
~ not caring if out kids take "good' pictures

~ enjoying a beloved brother and watching his fresh start in Colorado
~ eating peanut butter banana sandwiches
~ playing soccer in the backyard (oops, did I already say that?)
~ visiting thrift stores ( getting ready for winter!)

~ eating lots of apples
~ getting ready for fall

~ visiting the library

~ drawing 
~ coloring
~ writing
~ reading
~ watching "The Price is Right" for math class (haha)

~ surviving a three day cold (which is like an eight day cold after everyone in the family catching it a day apart )

~ enjoying fall colors and "get well" flowers from my sweetie (my BIGGEST sweetie)
~ googling pumpkin recipes and making plans

~ drinking pots and pots of echinecea tea and eating vitamin C powder by the spoonful
~ finishing up my Christmas shopping (yes, I am ALMOST done)

Friday, August 29, 2014

End of summer...almost! ~musings~

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

The weather here in Colorado has been glorious. Early mornings are crisp...a little taste of the soon to be fall weather. The days are sunny, warm,  and I'm noticing...a tad bit shorter. The planner in me is already getting together a list of autumn themed crafts and recipes to make mid September - I'm SO excited for fall this year! 
First of all, I will be turning the big (well, not really so very big) 30 next month. I feel like I have been waiting for 30 my entire life - it has always been my dream age. No more explaining to people why I am in my mid 20's with oodles of children (I had four kids under five by the time I was 26.)
 Yes, now if someone says "wow, you have a lot of kids for your age" I can confidently say "well, I am in my 30's."
 I think 30 is a confident number - it sounds like it knows what it's doing. I feel like 30 likes it's personality and it's hair and it's body type. I'm going to really like being 30. 

 My second reason for being excited for September is that Zac told me to sign up for the women's retreat at our church - last time I was away completely ALONE without either husband or a baby on my hip was almost 11 years ago. I probably wouldn't have been so eager to say "yes" to going if the retreat wasn't going to be hosted at a gorgeous facility in Estes Park. Friends to be made, sleep (if I'm not up laughing and drinking cooca all night), not having to share my food,  and gold aspens are calling my name. I'm completely stoked. 

With that being said, I feel like at least half of the projects I wanted to complete this summer never got done. I never planted flowers in the kids little flower boxes, I have at least 20 crafts that I didn't get around to... several hikes that never got hiked. Lots of things. Maybe that's the problem with lists - you can look back on them and feel bad about what you didn't get accomplished. At the same time, you can look back at all of the things you crossed off and feel pretty terrific. 

I'm choosing to feel terrific. Maybe not everything got done, but I can honestly say that we have been active, we have been pursuing creativity, the kids are learning to work as a team and to help around the house - and we are giving them opportunities to be big. 
I'm letting them make their own food, sweep floors, fold laundry....sand chairs and spray paint them! I'm letting go and in the mean time letting my kids be. It's been pretty wonderful to see all of the things they are capable of doing if they have the opportunity to do them. This summer has been a time of transition for our family. Our last baby became a preschooler, we have found ways to interact and connect with our Brady, Trinity has become an awesome reader and LOVES art...has finally made a few friends and can wash dishes as well as me, clean a room almost better then me - plain and simple...she's a little 6 year old grown up. Tristan has begun "pretend play" with his big sister which is a big step for a child on the spectrum - and most of all, he seems to enjoy it. This is the first season of my life that I actually actually see that my kids are growing up. Even though our littles are still little, I have had a glimpse, a taste, of life with older children. 

I love seeing my littles figure things out. I love seeing ideas "click." I love watching them grow. 

So with the end of August just around the bend, I'm going to squeeze as much as I can out of the remainder of summer. We will use up the flowers, we will be barefoot, we will eat one to many smores and replace meals with cold smoothies. We will play a little longer outside in the evenings, we will feed the birds in our yard, we will try to go for long walks every week (our last walk we found 10 baby toads!) Our littles will climb trees, kick soccer balls, gobble up as many blueberries and grapes as humanly possible....

...and I will start sorting clothes into "too small" piles. I will start collecting warm sweaters and rain boots for 6 pairs of feet. I will buy pumpkin and apples and stock up on hot teas. I will have echinacea ready and elderberry syrup handy. Time will keep ticking on...lists will keep being made and items crossed off - but my goal will remain the same in each season :
to find light in eight blue eyes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Morning, Noon, and Night ( A little late)

9 am ... a not so little boy asked me if he could do a craft. He worked hard for over two hours researching soccer jerseys and creating his own with a white shirt and some sharpies. 

3 pm - Zac and I cut the boys bunk beds in half (well, not quite half) and created our own Ikea hack! 

I haven't finished the room yet but wanted to show their little cubby hideout. 

6:30 pm ... a cool breeze through our window (feels like fall today), dinner eaten, dishes washed, and Daddy's turn to play X box with one of his biggest fans. 

*note for all mom's reading my blog - these are the moments today I decided to capture on camera. We are real people - there were plenty of dirty dishes, arguments between siblings, and scraped knees. It's nice knowing that even though everyday isn't perfect, there are always moments of beauty to be found (if looked for) and ALWAYS moments to give thanks for. *

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School Photos ... Mama-Made

Morning, Noon, and Night

Three glimpses into my day

7:00 am ... the trees outside my bedroom window

3:00 pm ... getting Trinity's lunchbox ready for her first day of Options (a program that allows homeschooled children to have a complete day of electives with other homeschoolers in the community.) 

10:00 pm ... getting under my NEW duvet for the first time (this should keep me cheery this winter!)