Saturday, August 16, 2014

Second Hand Treasures Saturday

Before I begin this post I would like to make one thing perfectly clear , not all of these thrifted treasures are from just one shopping spree. I would never buy out a thrift not me (ahem.) No, seriously though, these items are all from the last month and I share them because... 

a. the feeling of paying pennies for gorgeous items feel like robbery (yet you get away with it)
b. buying items USED when you can saves lots of cha ching $$$$$
c. I have very eclectic taste so thrift stores serve me well
d. it's just plain fun to show deals and steals (and I don't really have anyone to share them with in person...besides my, errrr...little family - and that just doesn't do.)

Steal number one - a lovely pine desk (i think originally from Ikea.) I love it in this space in our bedroom, right under the window where I have lots of light. I have set one half of our room up so that I can have a quiet place to send kids when they are doing workbooks (our little boys are rather loud and there is NO way possible to concentrate on ANYTHING when they are running circles and diving off the couch. Our little bedroom space has served us well these last two weeks. ) I think the desk was 10 bucks and that chair I got at a yard sale for five dollars last year - it has an awesome yellow green velvet seat - pretty sure it's from the 70's. I can do yoga in this room and look at my peaceful white orchid, study and write at my modern Ikea desk while sitting in my flower child chair. Perfection.

I found this little framed piece of art this afternoon - it's signed by the artist from Norway and the back still had the sheet of paper that tells about the city (Bergen) and this one particular building called the Bryggen and a tram system that went my it - I guess the Bryggen at one point was one of the most complex wooden buildings in the world.  Love the frame, love the mat, love the colors. 

We didn't go to a beach this summer ...therefor a bag of shells so we can pretend we did. Trinity was in heaven feeling all of the textures and running her fingers over the pastel shells. Perhaps I can find a little kids craft for them?

I found the perfect basket to go in our little reading nook. I confess, I have a basket fetish - the more the better in my book. Baskets just scream of gypsy weavers sitting by a dirt road perfecting their art...or a time long ago when a young girl would head out for the orchards, a basket on her hip and a bonnet on her head, eager to collect  a quart of apples for her baking day. Yes, I just love me some baskets. 

This one in particular is very heavy duty and has two perfect handles on either side - we have named it "Our Library Basket " (catchy isn't it? Almost as original as naming your bird Sweetie.)

Now don't laugh - I found this man's coat and it was a size small so I decided it would work for me. I don't have a lined coat for these Colorado winters and have decided that it's going to be a MUST to find a good one this year. This denim one will do the trick for awhile. 

Found this little gorgeous red number for my gingerbread girl (check out her tan!) 

...a rocky horse for Finn - several people watching me come out of the thrift store were green with envy...I guess rocking horses are high in demand these days? One man stopped me and says "found yourself a little rocking horse did ya?" I told him (obviously) "why yes I did, isn't he cute?" The man says back " he sure is and seems to be in good condition." I told him that I thought it was in perfect condition and went on my way ...realizing later that I probably could have sold it to him for a profit if I had wanted to. Next time...maybe next time. 

For my Tristan...a pair of under armour cleats...

...and some fireman boots. As long as a boy has some shoes to play soccer in and some boots to fight fire you're set in our family. 

If you would like to play along on Second Hand Treasures Saturday post on your blog, link back to me and let me know! I would love to ooh and ahh over your steals. 

Feeling Thankful ... 
Alyssa Spring


  1. Wow, some great finds! Love your new little office space, it looks fresh and inspiring. And that print you found..gorgeous. A little confession, I have a basket fetish too :)

  2. Nice finds, Alyssa! I wish I could find a rocking horse like this... or the fireman boots :)