Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday's Make and Learn

So I tried something...

and I think it turned out pretty darn cute. I have no idea what it's suppose to be - a hedgehog mouse? I don't care much - with a pincushion this precious I think I'll be super inspired to sew this fall. 

Also - to my greatest delight - I have become acquainted with Charlotte Mason and her awe inspiring wisdom. Our home school flow this year has been going so much better then ever before (since adopting a more Classical approach.) However, I hadn't yet learned about the importance of teaching the "arts." I love the arts - I am a romantic. I love paintings and music and poetry. I can say though that in my school years I never learned very much about these concepts. Imagine my joy when I discovered a couple days ago that I could spend TIME on these in my kids schooling - and that it would be beneficial. I know...I know. I should have already known this. But I didn't. 
That's why homeschooling has been amazing for us - we have been introduced to so many more options and ways of exploring then I ever imagined. What I love so much about a Classical approach is that it flows - it's full of grace and movement and creativity... short spurts of action and then rest...but always always feeding the mind. It's enjoyable. It's learning without the feeling of your brain imploding. This is a good thing.

Today we started our first composer and artist unit study. We chose Van Gogh and Mozart. We are going to take 5 - 6 weeks learning about these two men. I told my kids that when we meet a new friend it takes awhile to get to know them ... we have to have long conversations, ask a lot of questions about them, learn their likes and their dislikes. Knowing takes time. Hopefully at the end of September Vincent and Wolfgang will be dear friends. 

We are also starting Charlotte's Web as our Read A Loud - something I haven't done very much except for your "run of the mill" night time story. Today I read chapter one as we drank tea and the kids worked on their own Starry Night .... Mozart in the background. We also loved learning about The Marriage of Figaro - when I heard the songs I recognized them but never in my life knew that they were from an Opera. We watched some of the Opera on Youtube ... very entertaining. The kids had so much fun and the best part... they loved learning. 

Their completed art - Trin added some purple glitter to hers.

Brady looked up Van Gogh's signature and tried to draw it on the side - I think he did really well. We also enjoyed this clip very much and it sparked a great conversation on why it's so important to do what we love not necessarily for praise and acknowledgement...but because it brings joy to ourselves and to others. It's sad that Van Gogh didn't understand that he himself was a beautiful work of art made by an awesome Creator. 

Happy Friday Friends!

Friday, August 14, 2015

What I want, love, have

 ~What I have, what I don't, what I want, what I love ~

Have : 
An immense craving for bread, which I took care after two days of "I probably shouldn't..."
Sourdough bread with a drizzle of honey is heaven.

A husband that spoils me with his love constantly and with his money when he has it. 
I especially love bouquets that come wrapped in brown paper and tied with real ribbon.

Have Not :
A tan. This little girls crisscross lines on her back make me somewhat envious.
She is my little gingerbread girl, and I'm her sugar cookie.

Maybe Have and Maybe Not:
Sourdough bread starter.
After the before mentioned "craving" I decided that I should learn to bake it myself. Following some online direction I mixed up the flour and water and the next morning I had TONS of bubbles. I fed it that night and the next morning a dough volcano erupted all over the top of my refrigerator - I guess things ferment really really well in the west? I'm on day four now...keep your fingers crossed for me - I'm really wanting a cozy fall full of bread and soup. 

Three strapping sons.
The ability to look very domestic and 1950's when I want to.

What I want:
For this amazing kid to have all of his dreams come true - he works very hard.
Brady is doing amazing. Despite having Asperger's Syndrome and severe ADHD, Brady is concentrating and ENJOYING school so far this year. He is becoming kinder and more tolerant of others, he is very social with his family and all around, one AMAZING kid. I'm so glad I am able to keep him home with me everyday and watch him grow.

What I Love:

My kid's sense of humor. Brady drew some hieroglyphics in History class this morning and as you can see, in one of them he is taking a shower after his dad shaved his head. "Don't worry mom" he said, "you'll notice it's censored."

What I Want :
To be crafty again, to learn to sew. I played around at sewing a few years ago but besides pillow cases and simple children's capes...that's about as far as I got! I would love to really really be able to sew.

What I Love:

The way that children accept love so freely. I gave my little apron project to Trin, kind of chuckling at my lack of skill and she said "Oh thank you mom, this is perfect for Charlotte because polka a dots are her favorite and she LOVES the color green." 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” 
― Thích Nhất Hạnh

The last days of summer, the first days of school. The days are gradually getting shorter, every now and then I sense a small far away fall breeze, my thoughts are on stews and breads and roasted potatoes - yet I'm still enjoying the bounty and the goodness of summer. 

- fresh mint from my little bitty garden

- some of it already going to seed, some of it starting to flower
- light behind leaves, the best kind of green

- the last of the purple flowers
- soft velvet
- if I were a bee, that's where I would sleep

- loving our new Story of the World history lessons
- comfortable school
- No shoes, no shirt, no problem

- sticky and sweet watermelon
- sticky and sweet little bug
- soon he'll be head to toe in clothing
- enjoying "carefree" living

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.”

William Shakespeare