Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Week of Lovelies

~ a week of lovelies ~

... hearts in unexpected places
... raised beds finally full of earth and seedlings and hope

... a library being used
... a thrifted table at just the right price, at just the right time ...may many projects be created here

... a handmade toilet paper roll, because...well, an ordinary one simply won't do

... celebrating 7 trips around the sun with this little man

... "what was your favorite part of being 6 Tristan?"
he said "spending time with my mom."
commence heart throbbing and breaking and tears. What a sweet little spirit.

... Club America came to Denver, and a man's childhood dream became reality. A father / son date , thousands of beer throwing fans. I heard it was a great time.

... a pair of thrifted pine cabinets, made in Mexico - the EXACT match to my craigslist end table find. I think they add a lot of warmth to the room, and the extra storage has been spectacular.
... pretty evening lighting
... making plans of a fireplace renovation
ah plans...the grain to my gruel
(I just made that up...)

... also a thrifted corner cabinet, needs a bit of paint and I'm sure it will be darling.  

... and some birdies I couldn't pass up. 

... and a lovely print that makes me want to explore the desert. The colors are so vibrant and it reminds me of Mexico. I can smell the dirt and the corn tortillas just looking at it.

... long days, a full sink of dishes ... thank you Father for plenty and then some.
... my first flower cuttings from my little garden

...and daisies, my very favorites. I had looked up which flowers deer don't seem to like and I was happy to find out that my little sunshine friends are one of them. Yesterday two young bucks came into the yard and walked right past them... good news indeed. 

Happy Weekend Friends

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  1. A beautiful, happy post. Thanks for sharing your bits of sunshine :)