Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Storm

The thing about life is - it's balanced.

There's a flow, a rhythm. There is gain, there is loss.
There is light and darkness.

Without the loss, we couldn't appreciate the good, the gain...the blessings.
Without the flow, we couldn't sink into the stillness.

Without the darkness, we would never look for the sunrise, or glow in the sunset.

We need it all.
I need it all - to be who I am. 
The cold, to appreciate the warmth. The scorching heat to enjoy the cool down. 
The bland so I can savor the rich,
the bad memories so we can make new ones ...or choose differently.

The storm came - and it tore my new little haven apart.
Golf ball size hail - I found one block of ice the size of a roma tomato.
It took.
In the end, it may be a mixed blessing because now our insurance might help with a new roof and gutters and siding...all things we could use.
Then today, as I was sitting on my deck...the wind wrapping itself around me and my trees still standing - my heart knew - and I wrote :


Journal Entry : July 31st, 2016

Sitting on the deck, strong wind tangling tree branches, my soft pant fabric ballooning and tickling my ankles - I know YOU are here. You are in the wind. You are the wind. You are the rhythm of life, the flow.
You're stirring my hair, whipping my flesh, grabbing my heart - holding my head and saying "I love you so you can love more."
 That's the answer to my longing, to my often lonely spirit - to my always searching mind. Love More. Love well. 
 I don't have to be a priority to people because I'm You're very heart.I don't have to be wealthy - I'm rich in good character and in blessings that will last.
 You watch me. You hear me. You're love reaches so far - it goes beyond the hazy blue mountains of the Springs - it's higher then the Rockies, it climbs over the sky and fills dark space. Your light touches everything, everyone - it beats down on me. I know, that no matter the pain or pleasure that life brings, You are here with me. Because of that, I can endure with joy. I can love more. I can try again.


I hope that you all have a blessed Sunday and have beautiful moments with those you love
(also...good weather. :) )

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