Sunday, June 26, 2016

In the Quiet...

In the quiet, I walk from room to room, picking up little shirts...a mismatched pair of socks, a book, a small stuff animal...
I feel my babies.
I smell them.
I walk outside, barefoot...checking on him working in the garden.

I pass under the tree that just a month ago was covered in blooms, and i look up. 
My eyes shine and a smile spreads across my face when I discover a small fruit.
A crabapple. 
My mind goes back to one of the happiest times of my life, the summer my grandpa was near me and spent a few days at my house with , then, just me and my two diapered babies. We made crabapple butter together and took long drives through the country. He made me stop the car so he could pick me wildflowers. 
I thank God for this surprise...that I would find a house, in the middle of winter, that secretly would hold a beautiful reminder of a light filled memory. 
I keep walking.

The sun is slipping down, it's shining through the pine trees at the far end of the yard. I look at our "center tree" heavy with little berries. I don't know what they are, but they are beautiful. 

Then I find him, laying there, a man content.
I smile.
It's a beautiful moment and I have my camera. 
It's a love moment...where every second of the minute is full of only good.

The sky is glowing with color. 
My heart is full.


* The next morning while I was gone for groceries my little squirrel and her great big dad surprised me with my garden gate - exactly how I had pictured it. Zac had the idea to cut out a heart for the gate handle, so little miss drew it on...the perfect non symmetrical heart ... and he cut it out. I'm still not sure which cheery color to paint it - a light blue or bright yellow? Green? *

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  1. What a beautiful memory. And your's beautiful!!!!