Friday, July 22, 2016


 “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” 

 "Where are you going?" I asked.
She looked up at me, pad of paper under her left arm, a pack on her back, hauling a chair behind her
"out to draw lettuce" she smiled. 
Of course. 
Only in the summer can one sit in the sunshine, 
enjoying the air and the bugs and the pine...
and attempt to capture the beauty of  lettuce. 

The days have been full of hosting family and friends,
 late dinners, warm air, and lately...a bit of crafting.

Trinity and I have started painting peg people, starting with a family of fairies. 
Zac and I are building a little fairy house ... it's been quite a process. Not hard really...just a bit of waiting for wood glue to dry. I can't wait to show it to you.

I've been baking again too ... warm herb breadsticks and vegan enchiladas...this past week blueberry pancakes. I'm not ready for summer to be over, but I'm excited for cinnamon and spice and everything nice about fall. I've been gathering ideas...

The garden seems to be growing "okay." My cucumbers are flowering but the leaves have been turning a bit brown  - I've been researching about Ph this and Ph that and calcium and magnesium and all of the things that our soil needs. Words like "compost tea" and "nitrogen" have become part of my everyday vocabulary. My thumb isn't quite green yet...but it's slowly changing color. I had no idea there was so much science involved in gardening.
There is hope for me yet. 

One other amazingly good thing that has come my way in the last couple of weeks...
I've found a friend.
A sweet, kindred spirit friend that crafts and loves things like acorns and burlap and thrifting.
She made me this lovely "C" for my front door.
I felt like she handed me the moon.
I do love a handmade gift.  

As for me...I've been making a bit of Christmas in July - my love
of "all things felt" has return and I'm on a hoop making mission.
I also discovered Joanne Fabrics.
For some reason, all these years, I thought Joannes only sold material.
 Imagine my surprise when the glass doors parted and my eyes were met with 
colorful yarns and paints and birch rounds.
Twas love at first sight.
I found some lovely navy linen that I have plans for.
It's nice having plans.

There is a cool breeze calling me and a piece of avacado toast just waiting to be enjoyed, 
I leave you now friends.
I hope that your weekend will be full of joy and blessings,
that you will find ways to love others and feel loved by them in return
Happy July weekend.
May the Light find you right where you are.

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  1. So happy you have found a kindred spirit, we all need a few of those in our lives. This is such a joy filled post, and that makes me smile. Enjoy your weekend Alyssa.