Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tristan River

He's a mess.

He's one cool dude...he can save the world.

He's my third little ... he's a best friend....he's a knight in an elf's hat. 

He's a cuddle monkey, a quilt lover, a daddy's treasure. 

He's addicted to ice. He's a strawberry blond wonder. He's magical. 

He's a scientist, a discoverer. He's curious about the world around him.

He's learning to read and doing wonderfully. He sings beautifully even though he is challenged in speech. He is a miracle. 

He is crafty...he's in love with shapes and colors. Sound effects amaze him and he can reproduce most of them with his two little lips and his pink tongue. 

He's learning to use scissors and tries really hard even though fine motor skills are challenging. He doesn't quit. He is a hard worker. 
He is scared of loud noises...of unsmiling faces. He loves the words "I love you" and at night time says "a hug an a kiss fo twisty?" (a hug and a kiss for Tristy?) He is endearing. 

He is a big helper, he is brave...he's the apple of my eye. He is the essence of beauty. Tristan River is an angel and has captured my heart and everyone else's who is willing to spend a little extra time getting to know him. He is going to rock this world.


  1. We did that same reading book with Jaida and had amazing results. We've just begun it with Ezra (he'll be 5 in a few months) and he's slowly starting to get it. I say the most important educational gift you can give your child is the gift to be a strong reader. Once they can read.....all the knowledge lays before them. :)

  2. What a sweetie! We have a Tristan, too.