Saturday, February 1, 2014

That Kind of Day

... It's an apple and peanut butter kind of day

... it's a Saturday morning cartoon kind of day

... it's a "catch up on workbooks" day
... it's a "watch your big sister" kind of day

... it's a "can't go out to play " day
... it's a "the snow is 4 inches deep" day
... it's a winter wonderland day
... it's a "the sun is shining and all's right with the world" day
... it's a homey day's a "everyone is welcome" but nobody comes day
... it's a good day to stay home
... it's a hot cup of tea day

... it's a 30 degrees day
... it's a "have to learn by myself that snow is cold day"
... it's a Keens and a diaper and shirt day - nothing else

... it's a good day to make a movie
... it's a good day to dress up and pretend you own the world
... it's a good day to have an imagination or you would be bored stiff
... it's a play day
... a story day's a first day of potty training day
... it's a "i love my new undies" kind of day

... it's a "decorate the bathroom with potty decor" day
... it's a "big sister shows me the ropes " kind of day
... it's a learning day

... not a drop of make up day
... a wearing your sweatpants day
... not a hairbrush in sight kind of day

... it's a marker day
... it's an art day
... it's a colorful world on the inside day, a white world on the outside
... it's a blue eye day
... a rosy cheek day
... a "be still my heart" day

... it's a day for making laundry soap
... it's a day to be big
... it's a day to tackle projects

... it's a "I can do anything" day
... it's a "six year olds can do more than people think" day
... it's a "watch my big sister day" (again and again and again over...)'s a "ahhhh...what's up doc?" kind of day
... it's a sandwich and fruit day
... it's a "no fuss" day
... it's a thankful day

... it's a occupational therapy day
... it's a real life lesson kind of day
... it's a "we may not know the root of all numbers " but we can make a sandwich and clean our bathroom" kind of day
... it's a Link day (Zelda character or so I'm told)
... it's a day full of hugs, full of laughing, full of quiet life

... It's that kind of day


  1. Sadly, most days for me are pajama days and no makeup. :) I pretty much have talked myself into there being no point to dressing myself if I'm staying home anyhow (although I DO make the effort to at least wash my face and brush my teeth). :) I pity the person who catches me unaware at the door with my pj's and tangled hair!!! Ha!