Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Several Things

Several Things....

...watching our lovely red Beta in his eco friendly tank (it grows wheat grass on the top) makes me smile. Little Magic Arp (named by brady...oh why oh why did I let him name the fish?! Oh yah, because I'm NOT a control freak...) has been a super pleasant addition to our family - who says you can't love a fish?!

...wealthy neighborhoods have the BEST thrift stores. This lovely coat steal for Trinity should keep her nice and warm this winter and next , normally retails at $80 and I got it for a mere $4.00. I get to brag about my savvy shopping and she get's to pretend to be French. Score.

...Zac came through with another one of his "sweet deals" (his words, not mine) and found Trinity the long awaited desk. Very mid-century ... organization is here at last.

...Brady is obsessed with silent movies and especially Charlie Chaplin. If you want to know anything about Charlie, just ask Brady. He's a fan. 

...Finn is still not potty trained even though he has been in undies for 2 weeks.
...Finn reminds us of a Viking
... he loves the snow

...we've been eating a lot of popcorn (not the microwaveable variety)

...Valentine's Day was a smashing success
...I made sugar cookies with coconut oil and they were pretty much DELICIOUS

...we've been enjoying school when we get around to it
... my kids are still learning lots even though we aren't doing a lot of school
... I'm not going to feel bad that I'm letting workbooks "slide"

... Trinity has an amazing dad that brings her flowers on special occasions
... if Trinity marries someone like her dad she will have a very happy life
... I forgot how good homemade french toast is
... french toast is better if you don't use whole grain sprouted bread. Oops.

... Valentine's breakfast is better if it's fancy

...instead of stockings how about paper bags for V day? 
... I may have gone a little bit overboard this year
... I love being cupid

... cookies make my children very happy
... I found adorable hats for the kids. Felt Mario and Luigi hats for the little boys

... and a Link hat for the big boy

... and a bonnet for Laura (errr....Trinity)

... it has been gloriously sunny these last 3 days.
... we had a fire outside tonight and sandwiches for dinner

... Finn loves to play in sunshine
... Finn loves to play while he is half naked
... Finn just loves to play
... Finn is a bug if ever there was a bug

... I'm going to become a workout queen
... I'm turning 30 this year 
... I'm going through some type of crisis (probably because I'm turning 30 and I'm officially almost the mother of children 3 and up)
... This too shall pass

... I have a very very blessed life

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