Friday, February 14, 2014

Finances on Friday

This is going to be a rather dull post I'm go along with a rather dull week

Yes the sun was shining and was gorgeous, but as long as there is snow on the ground I can't be bothered with the sun - it does nothing for me if I can't bask in it. It's like craving something (in my case Vitamin D) and everyday staring at this big bright tablet in the sky and knowing that I can't full absorb it. There you go - a tad bit of negativity to cheer you up. 
It is warming today, and my kids are out playing in the mud as I turn a blind eye and blog and bake sugar cookies. We are celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow when the Father figure can join us, so my Love post will be a bit late. I am excited though to give each child their little bag of goodies and enjoy a gluten filled breakfast. 
For finances this week....nothing big to report except...
- that I just canceled our milk delivery service. It almost made me cry just because it has become one of my weekly routines...go out on Wednesday Mornings and check the box with the kids...but I know that we need to cut down on the dairy for the boys and in reality - I CAN find milk a bit cheaper even though it isn't the quality. It was an extra expense that we don't farewell country living in the city - you were delightful while you lasted. We will see if the change helps our little guys at all. 

- I made pine needle tea...completely free if you own a pine tree. If you have ever craved the taste of sap or wondered how beetles feel burrowing themselves in thick bark, this is the drink for you! Supposedly it's very high in vitamin REALLY I will be trying it again. I think that the taste is "acquired" so I'm going to try my best to "acquire" it. Anything for health...
- found a gift at the thrift store that doesn't look like it came from the thrift store
- we stocked up at Costco this week so it wasn't very budget friendly for the WEEK but it will be for the month (I think)
- got Starbucks with a gift card
- Zac brought us all smoothies home the other night for dinner with a Buy One Get One deal at Jamba Juice

- we've been having the kids use whatever is on hand for their many projects instead of lots of little runs to the dollar tree
- I did find some things for "school" at the dollar tree for Tristan but limited myself to 3 bucks :)

And, that's it. That's my rather dull financial post. So, I leave you to go rescue one of my children from my other child and hope you all have a lovely budget friendly Valentine's Day.


  1. Well some weeks are more exciting than others lol! Pine needle tea-very interesting. I grew up in the south and there are pine trees everywhere, and you can do a lot of things with pine needles, but I never thought you could make tea. Or that it would be healthy. Good to know!

  2. Aren't second hand presents that don't look second hand the best? Yes, yes they are.

    I'm getting to be a bit sick of the inside of this house too. I can't wait until spring...and summer...and barefeet...and no coats and no woodstove and the warmth of sun on my skin. Ahhhhhhhhh. I can ALMOST feel it for a nanosecond before I see my breathe in the air as I type! ha!