Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday ... Imagination

At dusk last night there was about 17 inches of snow. Gorgeous sparkly stacked powder over ever surface of everything near.
Our house has so much natural light that this is the first time I've been stuck inside for days and NOT felt like I want to climb the walls or scratch my eyeballs out. No, quite the opposite actually. I feel quite content. Beautiful beautiful world.

I made this yummy little salad that someone had posted on facebook. It's pretty darn delicious - chopped cucumbers and red pepper and tomato, a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice and some pink Himalayan sea salt - add in some fresh chopped parsley and viola ... health in a bowl. 
 I tried to eat a whole bowl of it but it got to be a little too much for me. BUT, I added it this morning to a hummus wrap with kalamata olives and it was positively delish. 

The sunshine came out this morning and the mask of fog lifted and revealed a white world as far as the eye can see. Those mountains are pretty spectacular. 
Today in Trinity's geography book she was learning the different parts of hills and mountains. It was pretty handy just looking out our window and saying "so to the left you will see a hill...find the foot and the hilltop. Great! Now over to the right you will find mountains..." It's great to have a poster world just on the other side of the window pane. Now if we could just get a island and a volcano we would be set.

My orange handled sewing scissors also came out this morning. The kids have been asking me to help Trin create a Rey costume for one of Brady's many "films." I had a pretty thick canvas curtain I was able to cut up and added some ace bandages around her little birdlike arms...the results was pretty spectacular. I'm pretty in love with the way she took on the role ....

... fierce.

... warrior like
... intense
... classy
... elegant

I just pointed the camera ... the leg business was all hers. 
Like I said, in love.

Brady also worked his camera magic

... high elbows, low hands.

Let's not forget young Luke...

... and his sidekick "ninja."

I've never seen Finn so happy to have his picture taken. He watched the other kids pose and then when it was his turn in front of the white wall all his moves came out ... I even got a little eye contact.

As for my own creativity ... I wood burned Zac and my initials into our kitchen table just for kicks. I love the concept of family meals and color crayons and play doh and glitter all being done on this table. Perhaps some day dress making and bouquets of flowers being put together for graduations and weddings will be done on this surface. Who knows, someday maybe a little grand baby will be sitting here, tracing the hearts with their little tiny finger. Either way, it's ours, but now it's even more ours

Have a blessed Wednesday friends. 

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.” 
― Albert Einstein


  1. My daughter is loving these photos right now. She is so excited that your little one is dressed as Rey. You did a good job-- she called her out as Rey as soon as she saw!

    1. our kids are Star Wars crazy right now. A rey costume was really easy to create ... I didn't sew a thing!