Sunday, February 21, 2016

Favoritas ~ Sunday Edition

Love #1

For some people this may sound like the most disgusting breakfast ever. 
For me, it is pure heaven. It's completely satisfying on every level.

It goes something like this ... brace yourselves for the complexity :
Toast some bread, smash a quarter of an avacado on each piece of bread.
Sprinkle with Himalayan sea salt.
Slice a cucumber.
Be filled.

Love #2

My cabinet color is speaking to me. When we moved into our house I had  my mind set on a white farmhouse kitchen. After inspecting our cabinets, realizing that we would need to paint them instead of replace them, and then noting the level of filth on our children's hands ... we came up with a new plan. Story Goes :
 I was browsing pinterest for inspiration - thinking maybe I should go the grey route ... and came across a navy kitchen with white quartz counter tops. I physically felt a  flip flop on my insides. My heart signaled my brain to take notice of what was beginning to become ... a blue love obsession. The two became united , heart and mind , and they never turned back. They were all in.
I chose Indigo Batik by Sherwin Williams ... and I think it's groovy.

Love #3

My little Bug is fascinating me ... for no particular reason.
I'm just obsessed with him.
Call it love.

Love # 4 

First let me say that I have always heard the marvels of Trader Joes. I have actually visited one two previous times ...once in Atlanta where all I can remember is a beehive sensation and feeling like I needed to run out of the building. My second experience was downtown Denver, a week after Joe came to town. This time I became part of a real life ant bed , it was me against the hipsters -  I did leave my buggy...almost my kids...and ran out. 
Then, one magical mystical Monday morning, my Brady Bunches and I made one last attempt at a Trader Joe's friendship ... and we were not disappointed. The parking lot was half empty ... I questioned the environmental safety of the place. My mind then went to the crappy produce...that must be why there weren't that many cars in the lot. With a deep breath, arm and arm...a reusable grocery bag in hand ... Brady and I crossed the threshold into affordable organic land. It was amazing - and for the 78th time since moving a month ago ... I knew we had found a pretty fantastic city ... or a naive one. Why weren't they all there...clustering about the dried mango and sprouted bread?
So Love # 4 really has two parts ... the first being Trader Joe himself, the second being these amazingly scrumptious voluptuous navel oranges - all sunny on the outside and juicy pink on the inside. They are delicious - I eat three a day.

Love # 5

I'm digging Brady in his Legends of Zelda attire. He is getting taller, meaning the green shirt is getting shorter and his white tights are stretched to max capacity. It brings such a happy brain laugh , a natural high , a moment of pure pleasure ... to see my little elfin kid sitting at the table studiously doing his math ... as if he were in a pair of jeans and a polo. It's perfection.

The botanical prints on the wall aren't half bad either if I do so say myself.

Love # 6 

Three words :
Antique Shopping Mall

Two Words :
Mason Jars

One Number :
3 bucks

I think that about covers it.

Love #7 

I happened upon a 90% off Christmas wares at World Market and came away with theses adorable plates and a felted fairy. I do love some woodland wonderland charm about the place.

Love #8 

It's really a freak think.

Eggplant Nacho sauce. I'm not joking.
So, I rarely crave cheese (look up rape cage in the dairy industry and it does a mind ill ... over time a body good) I do however love me some salty corn chips with dip. 
After a little investigation searching for a healthy creamy option that did NOT call for cashews (creaminess and soaked cashews are kind of a "couple" in vegan land )I came across this amazing recipe that uses eggplant. Intriguing.

My first attempt was partially successful ... I don't think I let the eggplant roast long enough and also I don't believe the recipe called for salt ... which is a mistake. I think I may have upped the nutritional yeast too.

My second attempt was perfect. It was delicious. I think it tastes pretty similar to nacho's but better because it's real food. 

Lastly... #9

... a regular train of applesauce bran muffins riding along my new barn wood counter top island ...
a match made in heaven.
Hungry kids welcome.

Do you have favorites from this past week?
Happy Sunday beloved friends.


  1. Wow, loved this post! The few glimpses of your new house look amazing...can't wait for a post on it. It seems like a "rustic contemporary, which I love. They're so woodsy and lodgey. Your thoughts are, as always, inspiring! Thanks and keep em comin'.
    Catherine in KS

  2. What a fun post. Made me smile. Love it!

  3. Oat bran muffins are my favorite... always smell so lovely!