Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday : Recipe Edition *Vegan Coconut Curry Alfredo*

Here's the situation ... sometimes comfort food is a must.
Sometimes there is no other option except to stuff our faces with creamy carbs.
Most people these days think that carbs are the devil ... they should be cast into a lake of fire and never again rear their complex soluble little heads. 
I am not one of these people. I have options.
You can have options too ... no guilt involved. 
Food should be pleasurable. Food should be tasty. Food should nourish our bodies. Food should spread love. Food should fill our bellies with warmth and gratitude. Food should be shared with family and friends and given to the hungry. 
Allow me to introduce you to one meal that can do all of the above.
Without further ado...I bring you my very own:

Coconut Curry Alfredo

This meal was invented when my kids were wanting some mac and cheese. I didn't want to feed them dairy, and vegan boxed mac and cheese isn't exactly budget friendly when you are a family of six. I broke down the components of mac and cheese - noodles, yellow, creamy. 

This is the point where I introduce you to my magical yellow ingredients. They are dye free. They do not make children spin or bang their heads on the wall. They do heal the body of inflammation and also they warm the blood (great for our current blizzard like conditions.) 
Curry and Turmeric 
Mix in a can of coconut milk, a little garlic powder and some sea salt and you have kid approved, stick to your ribs good fat, a creamy (cheap) golden concoction. 

~ Here's what I do ~

Cook some noodles (currently I'm using the ronzoni whole wheat brand because it's GMO free and we no longer are going gluten free.) I cook my noodles until al dente and drain. 
In a large skillet I melt a tablespoon of coconut oil just for kicks. You can skip this step if you don't want the fat. I have four active kids that get their fat from plant based sources and coconut oil is a great way to add some calories. I pour in one can of full fat coconut milk and whisk in a tablespoon of powder and one to two teaspoons of turmeric. I also like to add some garlic powder (about a half teaspoon) and about two teaspoons of sea salt. Once this is all mixed together ( I love the process of turning the milky white coconut milk into sunshine yellow) I like to add a cup of frozen organic corn. You could also use a can of drained organic corn...just make sure it's organic. In the United States, unless corn is labeled organic, it's GMO. Don't know why you should be avoiding GMO's ? Here's a link for you to check out
I then dump my drained noodles into the coconut mixture and slowly toss until coated. Turn off the heat and cover and let the curry delishness meld a little.

I like to pair this meal with a salad or some green beans. I feel like green beans have gotten a bad rap here lately. When I was growing up green beans were the veggie of choice .... now it's all spinach this and kale that. I'm a fan of spinach and kale, but lets not neglect the long standing green bean. My favorite way of preparing them is to toss them in a skillet with a teeny bit of water...just enough to steam. I drizzle in a little balsamic vinegar, thyme , and then sprinkle with my Himalayan salt grinder. They are fantastic this way. If you really want to get fancy throw in a handful of chopped up walnuts and take those beans to whole nother' level. Food is as good as your spices ... remember this. 

This meal is cheap, kid approved, tummy filling, void of acidic dairy and pus (don't get me started) and most important .... delicious. 

Bon Apetite 

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  1. Sounds delicious, I might have to give it a try. We have a vegan mac and cheese recipe that is a big hit here, but we are always up for trying something new. Thanks for sharing.