Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Oh lovely life,
still quiet mornings,
rude awakened mornings,
wet bed sheets and spilled cereal,
calm bird song and piping hot coffee ...
you are a gift.
The bad really isn't the bad, the good is always good. 

Busy afternoon,
books to pour through,
bills to pay,
thoughts to discard.
The sheets to wash, the dishes to wash, the faces to wash,
blankets to fold, a body to exercise, to strength so I can be my best,
food to prepare 
Each moment a simple yet so complex gift.
Body movement, hair flipping, eye's blinking

Salads to eat, water to drink 
toes to tickle.
Showers to take, mail to fetch, snow to shovel 
(not in that particular order)
I Thank You for these moments.
 I abide in You by loving this life, by seeing with eyes wide open
my heart wide open.

A used book ... with notes from the previous owner tucked inside
A gift ...insight , wisdom, dreams , vulnerability.
Books in themselves, amazing treasures.

Lavender, calming 

Today I'm taking time to smell the roses. 
Busy mothers aren't too busy to abide in love , to live with inner peace even when the world is tiring.
That's a gift. 
I'm taking it.

"Take the word staying and blanket it with heart warmth and and receptivity of the soul, and you end up with abiding."
- David Housholder

"There is a place for study. But the Creator of the universe does not call us into the stacks of libraries to find Him. "
- David Householder


  1. Loved so many things about this post! Your last one resonated with me- I'm a reader, and so often I am searching for a book to "help me", to help me understand, and inspire me....which books certainly can do, but I've learned that surrounding myself with books instead of people, nature, trees, mountains, etc. isn't the answer. :)

  2. such a lovely blog you have Alyssa.
    eat * pray* love sits on my bedside table (mine was found from a "free library" shelf) ~ love that yours had hidden treasures inside ♥

  3. This post made me smile. Your gratitude is contagious!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. Have a wonderful weekend with your family!! : )

    ~ Wendy