Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You are...

Look up little boy, I have a secret to tell you....

You are beautifully and wonderfully made - a pure delight. So what if your words aren't perfect , if your mouth has a hard time saying what is on your mind and in your heart - you are perfect at communicating love. You will go far, you will be a blessing to others - you are sensitive and kind. 

Hear me my little baby, you are smart. You are creative, you are funny, you love to jump and climb ... you will climb mountains some day. I can't wait to watch you. 

You are fast, you are sharp - you conquer obstacles ... sometimes you are scared but you are ALWAYS brave. Listen my oldest little, my heart, you are big stuff. Don't let anyone ever tell you anything else. You are perfect. I believe you when you say "someday mom, I'm going to be a world traveler." I would love to see the light in your eyes when you discover buzzing Tokyo, when you eat your first helping "bangers and mash" , when you see the white sands of the Caribbean. Take me with you...I have to see your eyes. 

 Listen my children, you are all exactly how you are suppose to be - in the family you are suppose to be in. Life can be a challenge, autism or not. Life can be messy, autism or not. Life holds sadness and happiness, things are given and things are taken away...sometimes we dance, sometimes we cry...sometimes we say hello ... sometimes goodbye. 

Either way, we always have each other...and an iced coffee and black bean brownie. We are fine. I'm so glad that you are mine ... forever. 

*~ Mom~*

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