Friday, May 9, 2014

Peas in a Pod

 These Two...


 ... two little peas in a pod, 18 months apart, stuck together like glue from the beginning...

... goofballs to be sure. 

A few days ago we found a little dead baby bird in the yard. My two sensitive children (the "Tr gang" aka Trist and Trin) were quite sad. There were tears, there was a burial ceremony complete with headstone and flowers, there was at least two gallons of dirt dumped on the deceased... there were more tears. Tristan sat quietly next to the grave for awhile and then said softly "poor wittle bird, he need a game over." I laughed to myself - because, well...he is the most precious of all that is precious. 

How about those freckles?! 

Then there is Trin ... 

We were talking about Christmas the other day and making the plan to draw names this year. I told her about how we would write names down and then everyone would draw a name out of a hat with their eyes closed, whatever the paper says... that's who they will buy for. Trin thought this idea was great, a novelty - as if I was the lone master mind behind the "draw a name" for gift giving. So then yesterday my friend is over and Trinity is telling her about our plan and says "oh, and good thing I'm good at drawing with my eyes closed - drawing their name will be no problem for me!"

Peas in a Pod. 

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  1. What an uplifting blog post. Thanks for sharing their laughter and tears with us. Two peas in a pod reminds me of you and Micah or me and Jerome! Cherish the moments!