Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Favorites

... my morning smoothie, almond milk blueberry goodness - sometimes strawberry banana with almond butter, just whatever I have on hand. The mason jar makes the sipping experience just that much more enjoyable. Thank you Costco for your nicely priced organic berry selection. 

... blue eyes peeking out of a red mask. Thank you dollar tree for ninja costumes.

... blueberry oat pancakes with a drizzle of real maple syrup.

... hard working kids and a vanilla gelato reward. (at the awana's award celebration, unbeknownst to me , they were handing out cake with hot pink icing that was at least an inch thick. I whisked my kids out of there as fast as you can say "scat" and found them gelato at Kings - ingredients were "milk, sugar, cream, vanilla, gaur gum" phew. Crisis averted.) 

... a bowl of brown eggs. I've started taking the eggs out of the carton and keeping them in a bowl in the fridge - not only is it pretty to look at, I can always see how many eggs we have left. 

... kids in capes. 

... need I say more?

... pretty little Ikea vases and green leaves. 

Have a lovely weekend

~* Alyssa Spring *~

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  1. I just caught up by reading all of your blog posts from the past month. You are a creative writer and wonderful person. Your inner beauty really shines! Thanks for the photos that you included. The children are growing so fast and learning so much. I love you!