Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This Past Week... What We've Been Up To

We've been....

 ~ Soaking up sun
~ growing freckles
~ eating watermelon
~ watching blocks of birds eat a whole container of bird food in 4 hours

~ proud of a daddy for setting a goal and finishing (HANDSOME MAN)
~ happy to belong to someone so genuine and determined
~ kissing under a flowered tree
~ drinking homemade iced coffees
~ grilling 

~ Enjoying my blue bench

~ taking pictures of the sky
~ taking pictures of trees
~ taking pictures of flowers
~ admiring a Creative God
~ reading about Peter and his never ending devotion to Christ
~ listening to bird song
~ making new friends

~ crafting
~ remembering how much I use to enjoy making hoops
~ making a hoop for a soon to come bundle of joy
~ spring cleaning every nook and cranny ( even though it still looks dirty)
~ feeling thankful 
~ feeling content

~ simmering vanilla, rosemary, and lemon just because it smells good
~ writing down menus
~ learning about the yeast/tooth decay connection

~ learning that our oldest son has horrible teeth with no enamel on the back
~ praising God for bringing us a holistic dentist
~ finding out that my dental insurance is amazing
~ having special x rays taken of a little 8 year old mouth

~ making homemade mouth wash
~ starting the candida diet to heal several little bellies (hopefully)
~ watched several firefighter eat "bull nuts" ... seriously...gag me now
~ learning to make salt dough

~ looking cute because we are
~ reading chapter books
~ about to order caterpillars to watch them transform into butterflies

~ taking indoor toys outside
~ blowing bubbles
~ changing around a bedroom (yes, again)
~ learning to make chocolate pudding with sweet potatoes

I feel blessed.

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