Sunday, October 2, 2016

Circling Around

I love when days become grasshopper catching days (and grasshopper- letting -go days.)
 I love crafting days and muffin days and finding my kids hugging a tree days.
I love clean linen days.

Those aren't the only kinds of days I have though.
There are mostly up and down days.
Very high ups in my world of parenting children with special needs
and then crashing down so far I shake.
I come to though - this thought every time...after my mind has circled around and around and I start at the worst and find my way back to the Light...
I will love them. I will try again. I will do my very best to meet them where they are.
I will try to see this world through their eyes.
I will not self loathe or find myself inadequate.

Then the low turns back into a high and we start again, minute by minute, taking one day at a time.
Then, I eventually breathe again.
There, I get on with my life that I've been given.
I take the lessons I'm learning in parenting to every other place that I know...
in friendships, in trials, in decisions....
I be me, exactly me, with determination but hopefully with grace. 

Blessings dear friends,
may you find self love and love for others today. May you attack life or gently flow through it (whatever needs to happen) with determination and grace.

Oh...and a little bit of piano for you, one of my favorite pieces. 
It always helps my 

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  1. I find myself circling around a lot these days, both in parenting and in life.