Friday, September 30, 2016

Heart Smiles

It's pretty much the best thing ever when you hear your children say from another room "oh my gosh, I love this song! It's 'Let's Get it On' by Marvin Gaye!" 
They makes my heart smile. 

There have been a lot of "heart smiles" for me lately.
I had a beautiful birthday last week, celebrating my 32 trips around the sun.
The day started with my favorite avocado toast and relaxing family time.
There were gifts, and flowers, and a vegan chocolate cake that I didn't make.
It was pretty perfect.

My sweet friend found this quote on pinterest that I had pinned awhile ago - one of my favorites and she wrote it out for me on a little wooden mason jar.
I love a personalized gift and this one inspires me to love the way I already do ... but better, and continually. No matter what life brings me - from tearful days to dancing days ... my
mission is to love others the way that the Father loves me. I think that's my only wish for this next year - to love in color. 

How about this cute little cup? You probably can't make it out but the words inside say "Hey Ewe."
It makes me smile every morning.

There was delicious black bean and veggie goodness.
I don't think I will ever tire of a burrito - I think they are pretty much the perfect food.
If love and goodness and color and flavor could all be packaged up,
it would be in the shape of a burrito.
I guarantee it.

I also can't leave out this gorgeous aspen leaf necklace. 
I don't know how I feel about people giving off "aura's" - but if we do, I think mine is green, with glints of gold that radiate out and branch off into twigs of white with dark smudges. I think my soul has the sound of leaves softly dancing on cool evenings like tonight. That's who I think I am. 
It makes me happy, and my sweet friend put happy tears in my eyes with such a thoughtful token of love. 

I also haven't been completely neglecting the left side of my brain - I did paint this little scene the other day. It's different then what I normally do but I like the way it fits into our home.

My favorite part of working on it was learning to blend and add texture. The paint had to go on  pretty thick since I was using an old painting someone had donated to the thrift store. 
Creativity does make my heart smile though.
Unless I'm uptight.
If I'm uptight a paintbrush better stay clear.

As for this evening, my little are having an impromptu monster party in the basement.

Sounds of them laughing and dancing to the Jackson 5 is floating up the stairs,
my ears buzz with gratitude for their simple complicated good hearts.

My job as their mama is simple tonight. Create yummy snacks,
listen to silly monster names 
laugh at their masked faces

and allow my heart to soak up this moment.

Have a blessed weekend my friends...
I wish you many moments of light and happiness. 
I wish for you many "heart smiles" and a very happy first day of October tomorrow.

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