Sunday, November 23, 2014

We've Been

We've Been...

- trying out new gluten free recipes
- licking spoons
- listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving ( I can't help myself)

- organizing bedrooms
- wrapping gifts (trying to be done before December)
- reading Froggy books (my boys are crazy about them)

- dancing indoors when it's too cold to dance outdoors
- playing legos
- slacking off on our workbook pages

- trying out our second hand winter gear
-looking cute as a button in our second winter gear
- making the most of our sunny weather (a storm is a brewin')

- trying to pretend it's summer and chug lemon water (who really wants water when it's cold anyway?)
- making a 6 foot long grocery list for upcoming visitors and festivities
- having family movie nights
- eating tons of bananas now that berries are out of season
- enjoying our warm home
- giving out care packages to those without
- remembering those around us that feel sadness instead of joy during this time of year
- growing closer as a family