Monday, November 10, 2014

Goodbye Warmth, Hello Chill

The day started sunny...almost balmy. I went outside to our shed (in search of a holiday box) and was surprised how comfortable I was in just a long sleeve shirt.  I called the kids to come enjoy the last few moments of our true autumn weather...clouds were approaching. Only minutes went by when a huge gust blew through our yard, leaves swirled and fell and the air immediately went from warm to crisp to almost biting. I guess the Arctic Blast we've been hearing so much about on the weather channel arrived...and we watched it come. 

The kids started flapping their arms,  trying to keep up with the whirlwind of leaves flowing around the perimeter of our yard. My littles were laughing, taking joy from nature ... the power of it, the mystery of it, the colors and the touch of it...the chill of it. Deep belly laughs filled our yard and I watched the joy...I took it in and placed it deep inside of me, a memory I will never forget - my babies dancing in the leaves, arms lifted almost in praise...loving their little backyard, loving the beautiful earth we've been given, enjoying each other...enjoying what matters

I watched the clouds covering our bright sun, the rain of leaves falling on our yard...and bid the warmth a rather glum farewell. 

The littles weren't glum...they were still laughing and running and exerting whatever energy they could while their was still space (our basement starts feeling a bit snug during long indoor days.)

They call him "Wind In His Hair." 

The last of my yellow's now snowing outside and by the time the week is over the world will be bare and brown ... with maybe a little white here and there. Good bye 60 degree weather...hello 8 degree highs. Hello warm slippers and tea. Hello increased energy bills. Hello winter squashes and greens ... good bye berries and organic grapes (see you when prices are down.) 

After our wind dance and our good byes to fall weather ... we came in and unpacked our holiday mugs, made cocoa, and snuggled on the couch.

Hello snuggles. Hello Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Hello cookies and cocoa and stories all day. Hello early winter. 


  1. And that same winter chill is suppose to hit us later this week. Today we are enjoying spring like temperatures. Stay warm.

  2. We have that chill here too. Burrrr.
    What a lovely post about noticing what really matters. Your children are beautiful!

  3. Don't forget Charlie Brown Christmas!! You are so talented at expressive writing; so much so that when I read what you write it is like I live it alive with you. My love!