Monday, November 17, 2014


The snow came and hasn't left. Unlike last year (maybe it just hasn't been that long yet) I haven't felt cooped up really at all. We'll just say that I think I've finally mastered the art of layering my clothes and keeping my feet warm...a hot drink in my hand and the curtains pulled all the way back - it's been peaceful. It's been pretty calm. It's been what a snowy week should be. 

Yes, do you see my child in the 20 degree weather without pants on ? It's all for the sake of filming - she and Brady would run out and say a few lines, his i pod posed and ready to go, then they would run in and warm their hands and head back out. The fun only lasted 20 minutes or so and then Trinity let her brother know she had had enough and that she wasn't wearing a long coat and boots like him and she was gonna find a blanket. that's how to dress for the snow. 

Gentle flakes
Soft and white
Drifting, falling
Through the night
In silent wonder
As I slept
Glistening secrets
Darkness kept
With morning light
Appearing bright
Peering out
Brought pure delight
The mundane world
I thought I knew
Had been transformed
To something new
The filters
I’d been seeing with
Could not survive
This viewpoint shift
It shocked me into
Present time
Beyond the trappings
Of my mind
Here and now
In awe and wonder
Dissolving illusions
I’d been under
Nature’s beauty
So intensely real
Hearts spill open
And people feel
In this space
We come alive
In this joy
Our spirits thrive
Seek the beauty
In all things
Feel gratitude
For what life brings
Stop and smell the roses
Breathe the sparkling air
The magic in that flake of snow
Is lurking everywhere.

Dan Coppersmith


  1. hooray for snow! it does magical things to kids, doesn't it?

  2. Love that poem, thank you for sharing it. There certainly is a lot of magic in a flake of snow, and we are experiencing a lot of it today.

    I laughed out loud at your children in the snow without now clothes....the same happens around here at this time of year.

    Enjoy the snow, and the peace, solace and comfort it brings.

  3. I saw that picture of Trinity and Brayden and thought, "They need to be children in a movie." And then there it was - Brayden already had had that brilliant idea.
    Hope we get a glimpse of the movie!