Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Signs of Spring

... glass vases on a glass tabletop - pops of yellow

... blooming pink blossoms

... squinty eyes and bright polka dotted sundresses ( thank you Kaylee!)

... my birch tree growing new clothes for the summer

... playing in dirt, rolling in dirt, dirt in the hair, dirt between toes - just DIRT

... outside conversations with stuffed animals, being out more than in 
* side note * that adorable little eeyore was Trinity's Easter gift and we were able to enjoy his friendship for a total of 3 days. We lost him at the grocery store and many tears were shed. Lesson learned : when mom says "don't take your toys in stores, you might lose them" she know from experience - she's not just being cruel. 

...and once again...the fairies are welcomed and are invited to take up residence in our backyard for the warmer months. The cottage we provide is simple yet comfy, our yard is rich in dandelions and we offer you complete privacy. An entire flock of little brown sparrows and black birds to get "around town" are at your complete disposal - bird seed provided. The roses are just coming up and petals will be plentiful this year ... herb garden coming soon! 

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