Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

 Before you take in the the masses of boiled eggs - I would love you to give a teeny bit of attention to my son's amazing hair. My little "surfer boy" finally has a ponytail to go with his love of blue and green nail polish - he is an egg dying ninja. I'm quite pleased with his eccentric taste. It makes my heart smile and my face glow. It makes me one proud mama.

 Now to the before mentioned eggs. Thanks to a recent $15 dollar patio table purchase, we were able to dye eggs in the glorious outdoors - pretty much mess free and we got the added bonus of a sunny day and bird song. This year, by far, was our best Easter - may have something to do with the ages of our kids? It was a joy to make them a special breakfast and hear "wow, you are the best mama ever...your breakfasts are so amazing" to the "thank you thank you thank you" for their Easter surprise chocolate and teeny tiny stuffed animals.
 We were able to take our two oldest to a firefighter chili cook off and order them a special lunch at the restaurant - they were able to eat with awesome manners and Brady would make "chit chat" with the waitress anytime she came around. It went something like this "I would like to order the french fries please...did you know that they are FRENCH? In fact, people in Canada really enjoy them as well." He cracks me up. I'm so happy that he is trying to talk to people and that his self confidence is growing.
 That night we did the unthinkable...again...and ordered pizza for their dinner (we got home late) and had a preservative free strawberry pie for dessert. Just before dinner it began to rain so we had an indoor easter egg hung. The kids had so much fun we had to hide the eggs twice. :) All in all, a very long yet very good day.

 Holidays for us are different every year. Most of this is due to the fact that we are part of the fire fighter world where we never have a set schedule, days off... yah, pretty much no routine. This year Zac had to work Easter Day so our holiday had to be a couple days early, meaning we miss out on Easter service at church. I've had to become really creative - trying to make sure that my kids understand the message of Easter and also have fun even though they usually are celebrating when others aren't. This happens at Christmas, on our birthdays - it just happens. I enjoyed watching the Bible story with my kids this morning and reading the awesome story of Christ's resurrection. I'm thankful that I don't have to be in a building or even with others to fully value the fact that I serve a living God - and that my Jesus lives in me and in my children. I'm happy for hope and for life and for SPRING!

 I feel like with each week we are becoming more of "our family." It's a struggle to not compare "us" to others - I feel like Zac and I often have look at each other, take a deep breath, and remember that this is our journey. It doesn't have to look like everyone else's to be "right." We don't have to go to church, where new dresses on Easter, get a bookmark with "Jesus is Alive" on the top - then go home to ham and deviled eggs. It would be nice ... but it's okay that it DOESN'T look like that for now. Maybe someday. For now, we will be happy with just loving our littles, making special memories, going to chili cook offs and having a beer with Zac's coworkers...and  watching our kids grow in leaps and bounds.

 Heavenly Father is so creative. His love is so perfect. I'm glad we don't all have to be the same.

Happy Easter from the Corley Family. 


  1. Good perspective. Honestly, I've never understood the idea of buying a new dress each Easter, but then again, I'm probably just too thrifty for that idea. :) My line of reasoning, "What's wrong with the dresses they already have!"

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome Easter! Your littles are lucky to have you.
    Looking forward to that post on your homeschool approach. No matter what your approach is its bound to be better than public school!!
    Catherine in ks