Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Rat Race and Plants

A couple nights ago my little buck friend came a visitin'. 
 I called to him from my front porch with the babiest of babiest voices
"hello there you little love you, hellooooo."
I'm pretty sure he answered me back.

Such a little beauty he is...and ever so friendly. 
He's a favorite.

This last week has brought many good things into my universe -
some hard thought and some sorting through...a little recognition,
 but in the end...
very good. 
I took a bit of time considering again what it is that I want for my life, 
and where it is that I'm not practicing what speaks to me, what my soul wants. 

The world is "oh so busy" and I've been made aware that I've been filling my space with noise...
quiet noise that seeps slowly into me and fills my heart....
the noise of the ever impending "rat race."
You know the ones....the "you need this" and "if you accomplished this you would be happy."
Sometimes it disguises itself with good intention. 
In the end though - it's noise that keeps me away from my present.

So, a journal entry it was and new resolutions to continue walking down a road of gratitude,
to love others with all of me but not to invite drama into my life,
to surround myself with support and beauty...
and to give it where I can.

I reexamined where my dollars go, my time...and reinvested myself in wanting to buy less but to buy sustainable, used, and handmade. 
I reminded myself to soak in the sun when I have the opportunity instead of busying myself with the cycle of living but not living (the load of dishes that can wait...the tv show that doesn't actually have to be watched) and to listen, really really listen to music. 

It's always good to be intentional. 
I've been falling in love all over again with my babies, my playlist, my incense burner, my cup of hot tea in the evenings. My discontentment this week was short lived when I turned that frown upside down and remembered that I have everything i need to be soul.

“When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” 
― Kahlil Gibran

Anyways, to end this teeny tiny post I just wanted to mention how deeply grateful I am to be part of a plant based community - even if it's online.
 I still haven't met my soul friend that delights in greens and mangoes the way I do (or spotty bananas!), but I feel so fortunate that in this BUSY techno world there is a space to create friendships with like minded people. The online world has been tricky for me to navigate in the past, but I've been enjoying the ability to encourage others and to delight in what delights them. 
Simply put...It's been awesome.

Living plant based is a lifestyle choice I made 5 years ago, and it has brought a lot of healing into my life. My eyes were opened to beauty and texture and color that I never appreciated before. I've been brought so much closer to my Creator through this journey and I think it's come from a place of compassion, a place of being kind, a place of delighting in what He has made perfect for the human body - plants! It's been a journey of learning to be brave and following my heart. 
It's been a journey of being okay that others don't understand me, 
but always having hope that someday they can respect my choice and see it as "good."

It's been a journey of not taking part in death but instead embracing life. 
It's been a journey of awareness and cherishing every little calf or chicken the same way I would puppy or a robin or hamster. God made all of them, with the same feelings and emotions...but for some reason society values some more then others. 
It's been a journey of health and healing my adrenal fatigue and thyroid with nutrients.
 It's been a journey of spreading light and love to all sentient beings...
the cashier with achy feet and a tired mind,
 the homeless man on the corner...longing for love and inclusion,
 the strong mother in Kenya making necklaces to sell fairtrade,
 or the beautiful calf being yanked away from his mother and kept in a little cage so his muscles can't develop so that man can gulp down veal. 

It's good to be intentional

Have a lovely weekend dear reader. 
You are more beautiful then you ever thought, 
You are valued more then you will ever know, 
You are a light in this world that can shine... and should. 
May your soul be nourished deeply by the One who knows you best. 

“Do you know I don't know how one can walk by a tree and not be happy at the sight of it? How can one talk to a man and not be happy in loving him! Oh, it's only that I'm not able to express it...And what beautiful things there are at every step, that even the most hopeless man must feel to be beautiful! Look at a child! Look at God's sunrise! Look at the grass, how it grows! Look at the eyes that gaze at you and love you!...” 
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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  1. beautiful post. there was *much that i needed to read. [~wink.]