Sunday, March 5, 2017

Everything Helps

Sunday feels like the end of the week to me...
I guess it's the beginning. 

Interesting how that is -
some see new, some see old,
some see extraordinary, others ordinary. 
Endings , Beginnings, black, white
glittery, dull.

It's okay to view the world differently, 
but oh my, it's such a wonderful journey
when you search for the art, the beauty, the wonders
that are
"This Life."
The secret's all for something. 

There was a man on the corner the other day,
he was dark and had the most beautiful wrinkled face.
He wore a dark green coat with faux fur edging his face.
His worn hands held a cardboard sign that said :
To Honest to Lie
To Ugly to Prostitute

His humble sign gave me and Zac a laugh.
We rolled down our window and gave him whatever cash and coins we could find...
it was a pitiful amount.
"Sorry man," Zac said "this is all I got on me."
That beautiful face, glowing eyes in the cold, smiled and said
"Thank you so much, everything helps."

Everything Helps.

I know he helped me.

I thought of him for the rest of the day, his picture perfect self.
I wished I had had a camera - I would love someday to travel and take pictures of faces...
faces like his.
 Honest. Authentic. Humble. Kind.
Just thinking of his smile in his hardship, inspired me.
Everything Helps. 

Everyone has the freedom to choose how they respond to life.
Rice can be a feast,
traffic can be a blessing (extra time to listen to the radio?)
wind can be a song. 

"Life happens not in Brightness,
not in Darkness, 
but in the Medium Light of a Regular Day."
~ Emily Freeman

Sunday for me is wrapping up my week, 
slowly in the medium light.
I've been painting, enjoying simple things like changing blues,
sipping tea in a new mug,
the pink glow from my salt lamp. 
I remember the extraordinary parts of "normal" days this past week, 
 like the man and his inspiring sense of humor,
taking a picture of a cloudy sky when I was wishing for sun,
making deodorant for Trinity's dolls ( yes...)
and I tell my soul :

Everything Helps 


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