Saturday, April 2, 2016

Four Things on Saturday

Four Things :

... who knew that eating cantaloupe straight out of the , errrr...melon, was so delightful? 
There I sat, after a five mile run, soaking in the sunshine and getting in carbs and sugar. It was easy, it was colorful, it was tasty. Cantaloupe eating is going to be a new "regular."

... I love, love , love watching my little Finn run. He can't do it without laughing. I don't know if it's the way he runs or how he perceives the world while he's running ( I will never pretend to be able to read his spectrum mind) but whatever it is - it amuses him and it brings me joy.

... the next two weeks are supposedly going to be sunny and spring like. I don't think I will ever tire watching the changing of seasons. Buds against blue skies make me very happy and fills me with hope. I think that's why God made buds ... just so I would feel hope. Pretty sure that's why.

... I love their smiles. 
The End.

I shared this photo on Facebook along with this post - I thought I would share it here too. 

I'm the mother to three boys with autism. In the last few years I have heard people say things like "mom's of autistic kids are some of the biggest drama queens you can find." Then there was "well your kids seem fine to me" and "wow, I think they're pretty normal." 
I may be dramatic to you , but autism mama's have a pretty big fight - we have to somehow make sure that the world treats our babies with empathy, giving them opportunities to shine as the stars they are, and also protecting them from intolerance and ignorance. My kids seem "fine" to me too ... they are more than fine. They are unique and valuable and loved. They are strong and smart and connected.
April is Autism Awareness month. For me, every month,every day, every hour and minute is "Autism Awareness." Even if you don't have a family member on the spectrum...chances are with 1 out of every 60 kids being diagnosed ... autism will eventually touch your life. I challenge you to treat all people with compassion, to search for what is valuable in everyone, and to learn something new about autism in April.

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  1. Four good things, and I love you FB post, beautiful.