Friday, April 1, 2016

Favorite Things...Friday Edition

~ These Are a Few Of My Favorite Things~ 
... Friday Edition

~ a bathroom makeover with re purposed materials
~ butcher block we already had, sanded and stained
~ a used/gifted sink bowl
~ a new home for my blue mirror
~ Paradise Green
~ a pretty talented man

~ lavender staring out the window 
~ dreaming
~ a big bag of potting soil waiting to be opened
~ sunny weather coming this week

~ " No Pants Finn"
~ playing in the yard
~ rosy cheeks from laughing so hard
~ chasing my babies

~ the biggest Christmas tree I could ever wish for
~ my bird bath feeling a little overshadowed ... but still just as loved
~ happy orange
~ the word "Evergreen"

~ toothless grins
~ full lips
~ little boy with his daddy's eyes
~ strawberry blonde

~ Easter gifts
~ Pj Littles
~ croissants and strawberries for breakfast
~ egg hunt 3 times in a row

~ a new friend
~ throwing apple bits and carrot tops to my forest critters
~ tall, wild grass

~ my growing boy
~ remembering his last almost five years of life
~ baby pictures to remind me

~ a yard full of birds
~ little love doves
~ branches and buds

~ a resting buck in our back yard
~ birds flying past him, singing ... serenading their friend

~ my pendant lights finally installed
~ ambiance
~ Edison bulbs

~ photos from the past
~ babies on backs and little hands and daydreaming boys
~ little girl with girly poses
~ of course aspen trees

Happy Weekend Friends

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