Thursday, November 5, 2015

Slow Living

Lentils and sweet potatoes, turmeric....a little cilantro, garlic. Simple ingredients, completely satisfying. That's what I love the most about "fall foods" (shhhhh....that I actually eat just about all year round....) They are comforting, warm, simple yet complex, earthy - they make me feel good inside. Find the recipe for this stew here.
I LOVE this youtube channel ... it's so full of good things. Check it out if you have time. 

The cold crept in last night. We woke up to a little dusting of snow and our heater kicked on. It feels right. It's that time of year for a rest, for being settled and cozy, to be focused on gratitude and admiring changing seasons. It feels right.

So, today we will drink at least two pots of tea together, we will begin a unit study on Beethoven and make little turkey crafts, we will go around the room and share a "blessing" and we will remember that life is full of sweetness.

We will listen to music. We will snuggle on the couch and laugh at Ellen. We will read a story. We will most likely organize because that's my favorite "inside thing." We will get our house ready for inside play.

But what we will do most....that I hope we will do love each other and be kind. 

Happy Thursday Friends.


  1. I have a really yummy spiced lentils recipe that I do in the crockpot overnight. It's even better with homemade Naan bread, if I'm feeling extra energetic!!

  2. Your stew sounds delicious-- I actually gathered a very similar set of ingredients for dinner for tomorrow, so maybe I will make your stew instead. Happy Fall!