Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May a Little Late

Happy May My Peeps ...
I can call you that can't I? I'm in desperate need of "peeps." 
Things have been pretty busy around our little place this past week, here's some of the things we did to end our April and begin our May. 

Rainy day family painting...every man (and child) for himself. 

I made a huge crock pot full of bone broth. Verdict - a smelly process that makes our basement reek. Even my hubby wondered if there might be a better place...the garage perhaps? But then, what would the neighbors think if they got a whiff of what's cookin? I did feel rather victorious though when I bottled that first quart, all warm and amberish. If you want to feel domestic, boiling up a bunch of cow bones will do it. Gag.

Lots and lots of rain - the earth is officially green around here and I now remember why it is that I love Colorado. 

New flowers blooming and spider webs with crystal drops - if I could be any insect it would be a spider. They are so beautiful and artistic and rather cunning. Yes, I would be a spider.

Thrift store treasure hunting - someone drew the above picture in colored pencil and either gave it to someone or sold it or got tired of it or SOMETHING tramatic. Who would get rid of this?! 
Sad, sad, sad. Maybe for them it was wonderful...maybe they were decluttering and they just have too many beautiful hand made things. I can't imagine having too many pieces of art...gulp, maybe they...died...and whoever took over the estate has no eye for beautiful things. I would have liked to have been at that estate sale.Anyways,  their loss, my treasure. Pretty sure it's from another country too because of the signature on the bottom. 

Real pottery - 2 beautiful dollars and it was mine.

Both of my youngest became surgeons in the past week... 

...and the tree house finally got it's coat of paint! Isn't it cute?! My husband is a handy man and one pretty awesome daddy to put this together for the kids and me. I love sitting up there with a pillow and staring up at the leaves (I almost had a collision with one rather large brown squirrel the other day that could have been disastrous. I gave him his space though and he eventually wandered off. I guess he didn't enjoy the fact that we took over his turf. I could just hear him thinking "when did the human species start building houses in trees?!"

Peacock spotting at the zoo - pretty sure it was mating season because peacocks were everywhere splaying their feathers and wagging their tails at eachother. It was pretty comical to watch. I think it will be a new tradition for us ... every May Day go to watch the peacocks strut their stuff. 

Our little (ha! All 48 pounds of him) May Day baby celebrated his fourth birthday with a trip to the Denver zoo, a picnic and some vanilla gluten free cake (we skipped the frosting this year.) I'm officially baby and toddler free sniff sniff. It makes my heart hurt a little to know the baby years are over, the other part of me feels somewhat relieved and excited about the future. It's a complicated life folks...being a woman and all. 

Finn loves animals and being outside so it was a perfect place to go with him. 

Poor little elephant. I guess in a lot of countries the elephants keep getting into the rice fields and even stampeding people's huts. Whenever they put up fences the elephants can still trample them down and their skin is even resistant to electricity! So, the people take it upon themselves to keep the elephants away which usually doesn't end up so well - a lot of the elephants at the zoo are rescued. That makes me happy, but wild animals being caged also makes me feel a little sad - I'm sure they would like to go home. It's a pretty confusing world isn't it?

Tristan got his first wiggly tooth!!! I'm not sure I want ANY of his little anythings to go away quite yet. He's such a cuddly koala. 

I guess that's about all that has been going on with our little family. Trinity learned to ride a bike, my gorgeous boy Brady scored his first goal in soccer (it was so amazingly awesome) and Zac is finishing up his pre med classes this week. He will begin paramedic school in June. 
We are off this next week to South Dakota to check out the Black Hills for the first time. I'm so excited to sit next to my baby, hold hands in the car and listen to some of our 90's  tunes, drink coffee and get the heck out of dodge for a bit! I love showing my littles the world...

Happy May (a little late) dear readers. 

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 
― Augustine of Hippo


  1. Wow, so much goodness happening in your world. Happy birthday to your little man, and happy birthing day to you. Congratulations to Zac.

    Enjoy your time away, safe travels.

  2. looks like you have been busy-- in wonderful way!!