Sunday, December 7, 2014

And The Shimmer Came Out...

We decked our halls...a little bit earlier this year. 
We had guests arriving on the first of December so in order for my house to feel festive we put our tree up an entire three days early! I think this will be the new normal for us..why not enjoy those Christmas carols and celebrating the Advent just a little bit longer?
We use to always have a massive fir tree every year. Our first year in Colorado our finances were somewhat sparce so we decided to opt for a thrifted artificial tree. This little tree has now played host to our oodles of ornaments three years running and going strong - and saving us money and precious fir needles. I guess as Martha Stewart would say "it's a good thing."

I made our snickerdoodles this year with honey instead of sugar and they turned out quite tasty. Next time I will also try to omit some butter for coconut oil...although I'm a bit nervous that they may loose their Snickerdoolishness (say that three times fast....)

It was our little Koala's turn to put the star on top of the tree this year. This position is quite treasured in the Corley home as it only comes once every four years...he did a swell job and had a "cat smile" to boot. I love that little boy (the big man isn't so bad himself, wink wink.) 

This year as we were putting up our tree I kept watching my hubby readjust ornaments, wrap light around the tree "just so", he even did the outside of our house! I had this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness that he LIKES to do things like that - that he also loves the magic of this season. It made me happy and thankful that I'm married to a sensitive man who loves the finer things in life like white lights and Bailey's Irish cream. He's a good one. 

Our home is simple, but it's cozy. I don't have many decorations or place to put them, but I think I like it that way. A simple wreath on the front door, a glass bowl full of little artificial tree and gold star on top - our stockings. 

I'm very in love with stockings and the thought of sneaking little gifts into them all season long. 

My Brady is most in love with the tastes of the season...

Tristan just thinks everything is wonderful and says over and over "oh I think this will be the best Christmas ever." He loved his new ornament this year...a little fawn to remind us always of Tristan's gentle soul and his love of animals. Trinity received an angel, she is so in love with music and the scriptures and the whole story of her precious baby Jesus - she makes my heart sing. Brady got a little soccer ball ornament to mark the year he fell in love with the game - he was ecstatic. Finn received a little wire star and he looks for it every day on the tree with his cute little mouth saying over and over again "where's my star? Where's my star?" 

I'm so excited to rest and to feel the Peace of the season. I'm so excited to go through this season and do simple things everyday to anticipate the saviors birth and to give love and light to those around us. Decking the halls this year has been very simple for us, but very symbolic. I hope you all had a lovely lovely weekend. 


  1. Love your simmer, and the way you move through the season. Enjoy! xo

  2. I think your family and your decorated home are all beautiful.
    Merry Christmas to you