Monday, December 22, 2014

A Little Favor to Make a Little Boy Smile Really Big...

Dear Readers,

As many of you already know,  I have a little boy who loves to make videos. When I say "videos" I mean crazy fun videos of him acting out scenes from Mario, replays of the latest soccer game he's watched, or his own type of interpretive dance to his favorite songs.  He works very hard dancing, writing scripts, uploading photos and create small (okay, sometimes not so small when you are the viewer)  youtube videos and gain "views. "
 Brady has Aspergers. People with Aspergers  are usually fascinated and obsessed with things that neurotypical people don't really care about, don't really notice. Brady has been obsessed with Mario and Luigi since he was four years old and I don't see the fascination every really going away. I envision myself with a 16 year old son running around my house with a fake mustache and overalls smashing make believe Gumbas.  My gain? I always know what to get him for Christmas and  I get to watch a little boy constantly be delighted with the same video, the same costume...even the same pastime and I've learned a lot, let me tell you.  There's something to be said for sticking with a love instead of being easily distracted and going on to the next thing. Consistency and Loyalty...two amazing qualities. :)
 However, because some people don't really understand his fascinations or the value of them to him,
my husband and I have to be a little protective. He has had videos on youtube (he actually has a channel) but we had to turn off comments just because of some rather distasteful remarks from viewer - bullying instead of encouraging his differences.
 Brady values views and even though HIS value isn't based on how many times someone clicks on a REALLY makes him happy when they do.
I have a favor...if you could click on this link and watch his latest little conglomeration of songs and dance, he would be ecstatic. I think the video is about 1.5 minutes of sheer energy. If you would go one step further to possibly share his video on facebook that would be amazing. He works so hard at the things that he loves, I would like for him to rewarded for his effort and his talent.
Brady's #1 Fan


  1. Just watched it, totally awesome! My little man watched the last little bit over my shoulder and then asked to watch it from the beginning. He loved it too!

  2. Hi Alyssa,
    I haven't clicked through to your blog in quite a while (I read through Feedly), so I hadn't seen the update to your site. It looks so great! I did watch Brady's video- he's so creative! Make sure you share all his videos so I can add some watches. I'm a big fan of Brady!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I'm an Aspie Christian. I found my way from your comment on another blog. I'm a blogger, like Stimey. I saw you on her blog and Autism Daddy as well.