Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh For Joy... Second Version

Oh For Joy, 
Sunlit living room, little boy bouncing
Oh for Joy

Creativity, colors, marker stained hands
Oh For Joy

Glass, colors, butterflies forever flying ... always reminding me of God's love ... a precious gift from a friend forever, Oh For Joy. 

Pine scented candles way before Christmas...Why not? The freedom to be what I want to be, the freedom to taste what I want to taste, the freedom to smell what I want to smell ...
Joy Taken for Granted.  

Faces looking up at the sky, a simple nap in autumn time. Flower covered tummy's and bright pink capris, growing legs and deep rolling belly laughs - my heart could break from so much joy. 

Three little loves, all in a row - Joy. (I didn't put them in this position...promise.)

Bare feet, secrets, wild imaginations...

...accomplishments, something new out of something old, sweet smiles and handmade toys
I could sing from so much joy. 

Ring Around the Rosy goodness, jumping as high as little feet can jump, flying and hand holding and singing out loud as loud as you can...simple sweet childhood joy. 

Rough and tumbling, feet in the air, laughing together in the cool fall breeze,
Free, Loved, Admired ... true joy. 

Stepping's lessons, life's gifts, God's love...
I've found Joy. 


  1. Beautiful, the joy comes through in your photos. Love the photo of the three of them all in a row, so precious.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. it's a sad day for me today... and it was a balm to read here of pure innocent joy.