Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Four Costumed Munchkins and One Happy Seven Year Old

The last few days have brought us...
1. One little prairie girl
2. One energetic Link
3. One teeny yellow Minion
4. One very "serious about his business" Superman

( We celebrated an early Halloween with our kids and then promptly exchanged glow in the dark aliens for their candy stash - a win/win for all. )

My new peg doll obsession saved the day (errr....cake.) Trinity told me that she wanted a Princess cake for her with a little thought I decided to give her a Frozen themed cake to go with her new movie we bought her. 

She was pretty much elated with her cream cheese "snow" frosting with glittery sprinkles and Ana and Elsa sitting on top. Trinity had a lovely seventh birthday, complete with a one on one date with mom and dad, a shopping spree with her birthday money, a friend coming over for a girly slumber party - and some beautiful dolls and thrifted doll clothes. I can't believe my baby girl is Lucky Seven and I'm so proud of her giving heart, her warm smile, and her strong desire to do good and to love others. I learn from Trinity everyday - she is a treasure. 
Happy Early Halloween and I will see you in November!


  1. Happiest of birthdays to Trinity. Hope her next trip around the sun is filled with wonderful things. Happy birthing day to you :)

    Great costumes!

  2. So thankful I can see your posts. We have AC power now. What lovely photos...Trin is a treasure, for sure, Springy!