Sunday, January 26, 2014


Tonight was Boxcar Movie Night ...and , no, not at my house. I could never come up with something as creative as that (well...maybe not.) The Awanas program at our church has pretty much saved my proverbial "motherhood bacon" this year. Every week I have to become creative in a way that I just, generally, would not. In the past I have used a lot of excuses to not do certain projects with my kids. You know..."I don't have the time" and "that would be messy" or my personal favorite... "we don't have the money." Well, I have no more excuses anymore. I mean, I could decide not do the projects, or do them half way...but only about 50 people would know. That's about 50 too many for my liking. Oh yes, bring accountability into the picture and I'm all over "white on rice" as they say. 

Brady wanted an airplane and thanks to Zac and his awesome duct tape abilities...the dream became a reality. The cost? Two dollars for the green shiny paper (dollar tree) and about 4 hours of grinding grueling cardboard cutting and tape sticking and feeling like the project would last forever. Zac did swell and Brady was pleased. 

The best for more passengers. :) That's pretty important around here. 
On the side of his plane we wrote the verse :

"You lift me up to the wind and cause me to ride; 
 And You dissolve me in a storm 
Job 30:22 (NASB) 

Rather fitting 

I took on Trinity's project ... I'm sure it isn't obvious in the least that I was involved... 

Well, maybe a little bit. The fact that it exudes "lets run through the woods barefoot and eat only berries for four months" or "heal the land with herbs and roots" and "let love fly" ... nope, not one bit of earth mama influence here. 

Isn't the dream catcher smashing?! Once again...the cost was minimum. A roll of brown paper from the dollar tree and I found the dream catcher at a thrift store for 3 bucks. I guess my "it's too expensive to create things" excuse is gonna have be thrown in the bag, and smashed up and then burned....and then buried...and then have a seed planted and a flower grow. 

Trinity wanted to add the "God is Love" and the art work is purely hers. We did add a verse banner to the canoe and some multicolored ribbons last minute. The verse she picked out for the banner is of my very favorites...

'For behold, the winter is past, 
The rain is over and gone. 
 'The flowers have already appeared in the land; 
The time has arrived for pruning the vines, 
And the voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land. 
Song of Solomon 2:11-12

I was thinking she might like something more along the "still waters" line but she liked this one...I'm sure the words "flowers" and "turtledoves" had nothing to do with it. 

As for this little Trinity Sky girl, she won. 

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