Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bananas and Peanut Butter

  What does sprouted sourdough bread, natural peanut butter....

and BANANAS have in common? 

You'll never guess...

why...the KING of course :)

  My kids have been on a sandwich binge as of late. I'm not a huge fan of eating bread...but I did come across a sale at Sprouts for some sprouted sourdough - it looked too good to pass up. This afternoon I surprised the kids with grilled banana peanut butter sandwiches (Elvis Presley's favorite comfort food)  and a short "history" lesson on the King of Rock 'n' Roll (thank you tube.)

Kids feasted while we watched the music video Jailhouse Rock from 1957. Something that impresses me about music videos from way back when is how beautiful they are. They are simple yet artistic without a lot of "flash" ... Brayden was enchanted with the set and simple costumes ...Trinity liked the dancing and Elvis' handsome face. I liked everything. 

And, I may or may not have laid aside my normal fruit and salad lunch for one of these nutty numbers. They are truly delicious and nutritious and Elvis knew what he was on to. Move over grilled cheese. 

 I love being able to have my mornings as "mornings" ...coffee, cleaning, playing - and then our learning time more around lunch and mid afternoon. It's nice being able to get done what we want to get done first (well, kids didn't enjoy cleaning toilets much this morning or scrubbing my baseboards, but hey?! why have a small army if you can't use your men?!) and then on too our learning. I feel less rushed this way, and I think our kids do well getting out their energy first, then focusing on books and lessons when they feel calm.
 Now, to try and coerce Trinity to snarl her lip and say "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog baby" one more time...

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