Monday, November 4, 2013


  October behind us, November before us ... every day full of reasons to be thankful.
This year I'm especially grateful for my daughter having such a devoted friend, someone she can be herself with and that she can enjoy but also give love back. I have now heard at least on three different occasions, the girls walking together, and one of them looking at the other and saying "I love you."
 Brady told me in the car the other day that he wished he could have a best friend. My prayer for now is that God would bring someone into Brady's life...whether it be a little boy or an adult...that Brady could attach himself to and feel equally as loved - and for the other person to GENUINELY enjoy being with Brady. I'm so thankful for the Awana's program because he has a reason to really really smile every week and he has been pursuing God's word on his own - and becoming pretty obsessed with it. Aspie kids generally always have an obsession with something, it makes my heart sing to hear my child say "can I watch a Bible dvd mom?" or "so Jesus loved us and died for us mom ...why on earth would He do that?"
  Brady is such a bright boy and he thrills my heart with his candidness and honesty. We were watching an episode of 19 Kids and Counting and there was a scene of a lady giving birth. Brady said "yikes, that hurts. Thankfully I'm not a woman." After that he looked at Trin and said "just so you know you will have to go through that someday Trin." Then, a few moments later when he was watching a Duggar Wedding and he saw the bride walking towards the groom he looked at me and said "that's the kind of wife I want to have....someone who is sweet and kind."
  Little Finn - I don't know how to begin. He has been a joy and a huge challenge - typical of two year olds. He is trying to say words and loves to copy his brothers and sister - he is definitely an "arrow in our quiver." I'm not quite sure I will know what to do when I don't have a little snugly bug anymore...he's growing too fast! I'm trying not worry, because really...thinking of the troubles of tomorrow just aren't worth it. But...I do feel like Finn is developing some sensory issues. Call it a gut gut has served me rather well two other times. I'm not trying to borrow trouble, at the same time it's good to detect early and it helps HUGELY when trying to train a child to know where they are developmentally. He is becoming obsessive, hates bath water no matter what the temperature....just little things. We will see what happens...could be a phase. Last year if I would have thought it even possible that Finn might have some type of developmental issues I think it would have sent me over the edge. How awesome it is that we don't NEED to worry about our whole lives....just work on today being the person we need to be right? This year, it makes me slightly sad but I know deep down inside that I have to take THIS day and not worry about my boy's future. I also really want to believe the truth that life isn't going to hand me anything that I can't handle with God's love and Zac's companionship.
  My sweet Trinity...folding laundry on her own, begging me for the "honor" of peeling potatoes, loading the dishwasher for me. Her sixth birthday was last week and it was such a special day to truly focus on the gift of her sweet life. She is a squirrel still...into every body's things and business...but she is also compassionate and a hard worker and a huge asset to our family. Trinity is going to do great things with her life...whether she is a veterinarian or a mother of ten (her idea) she is going to do it well, with all of her. She will be competitive but also caring. Trinity has a sensitive heart and hates to hurt others, especially me. She is going to be my best friend someday. She asks me all of the time if I would mind being her neighbor and I said "not at all!" She says her husband will pay for me to go to Hawaii and that they want to be able to drop their kids off at my place so they can go on dates. Anytime little girl...anytime.
  So, we are enjoying this season. The kids are working on their thankful charts and Bible memory and math - Trin has comes LEAPS and BOUNDS with her reading over the last two weeks. I don't know how...we did nothing different...she just "got it." Huge relief for me because of course I was blaming myself and my lousy teaching abilities! Finn knows all of his letters, numbers and shapes....most animals. Finn has the advantage of watching everyone else in our family learn and he just follows along - Montessori style! He just sits back, plays copy cat and snacks on muffins (this child NEVER has a clean face.)
  The air today has changed from slightly warm to snowsuit and hat weather. We made a batch of pumpkin muffins, some tea - and are enjoying our day but at least every hour I hear "good thing dad is coming home tomorrow!" more tidbit to share...I pulled Tristan out of preschool. I know....shocking. This is my third time pulling one of my kids out of public school haha.  He is so much more happy at home, he just loves being with his siblings and his mama so why send him? I know I know..speech therapy. Well, we are working on that here too without having to drive all winter in the snow to drop him off for three hours so that he can learn, essentially, not much. He was basically ahead of all of the kids there. Socially, it was good for him and his teacher was AMAZING. But, we have started going to church, he is enrolled in Awanas and I will be taking him for story times at the library once a week if I can. I will probably start trying to teach him to read and I think that will actually help him with his speech. He is very bright....I think he could start doing simple addition by the end of this year (before traditional kindergarten.) I also just want the opportunity to teach him about the world on MY time and the way I want to, and I was noticing things in his classroom that were already conditioning him towards how the government would like him to believe...and I would like to be the one to teach those things when I'm ready....and according to our faith. driving him to school today. We took him out the last day before fall break - we celebrated today with fun learning games and muffins and him getting his Xbox time and outdoor play. I'm thankful for my Tristan and I'm glad to have the little "nudge" in my heart go away. I felt like for three months I felt uneasy on a daily basis.
 This season is my favorite - I love the thankful/giving season! Happy weekend everyone!

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