Friday, April 7, 2017

The Wonder and Awe of It

 I would like for you to meet my baby. 
This lovely creature isn't really mine...she's the earth's...God's.
But, just for the sake of sakes, I'm going to claim her as my very special friend...
because you see...
she ate right out of my hand. 
I was slow, she was slow...I was patient and she was brave...
and in the end she won a date (not the sit down dinner and movie variety...the nature's candy dried fruit kind) and I won an extra dose of awe and wonder.

You see, it's special moments like these that remind me that life really isn't that bad.
It's actually pretty remarkable. 
Rough though...tough.
This life can be very tough.

I was reminded today that it's okay to be small. 
It's okay to blend in and not be the one with the published books or the scores of friends or a million's okay to be small. 

It's okay to not be seen.
It's okay to not be heard.
It's okay to not be admired or thought of or envied.

It's okay to not be noticed by the universe because , in the end ... I'm noticed by the One Who Loves Me Most. Maybe I'm not so small after all. 

"Look at the birds, 
free and unfettered,
not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God. 
And you count far more to Him then birds."
- Matthew 6 The Message

Free and unfettered...dancing through the sky, soaking in the warmth of the sun,
dipping in and through the clouds,
 the wind rushing over and beneath and around,
the cool air gliding off the backs...sparkling, free of expectation 
free of "description"
simply just being. 

He cares for us even more then He cares for the birds...more then I care for that little deer...
more then I care for my blue eyed babies. 

Yes, I've been reminded today that it's okay to be small, to not have a "title"
...because it's then, and only then...
I can be lifted. 
It's then and only then that I can truly be vulnerable and brave.
It's there in the smallness that I can see exactly who it is that I am,
not who I "need" to be to feel important. 

The sky has been changing a lot lately - clear and blue, then a build up of unreleased storms.
The sky never gets old....never loses it's authentic beauty and it's serenity and it's power. 
The sky is beautiful because it simply is itself .

"Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief,
your body fills up with light."
- Jesus

I am reminded to simply be.
I am reminded to simply be who I should be - 
a little person in a very big world
with wide open eyes,
viewing everything with a sense of awe...
from soft doe ears to giggling blue eyes to pink and purple sunsets -
and not taking them for granted. 
I'm a little person in a big world that knows it's all for me...
If I accept it. 

That's the gift.


  1. Such beautiful words! I think I may be speechless right now.....but with the shy deer and the gorgeous kids and the amazing sunsets, your little corner of the world is just right today.

  2. And a beautiful gift indeed. I can't even imagine what it must have felt like to have that beautiful creature trust you enough to eat from your hand....such a magical gift.

  3. I love that the deer continue to come to your yard!