Monday, November 14, 2016

Wreaths and Bunting and Thanks

Hello friends.

I've been learning new skills.
Wreath making skills.

After looking around at MANY stores I couldn't find anything that was quite "me" or a very good price. I already had the pretty flowers on hand from my fall decor so I reused and recycled and came up with this bit of loveliness to greet all who enter... or come up on my steps to find a "no soliciting" sign. I love it and it cost a total of about 5 dollars. 
Score and score again.

My other project was this 4 yards of lumber jack bunting. It was SO easy to make - just hundreds of knot tying in the end. I put on a show and made myself a cup of tea and got to tying!
Just take a piece of twine (the length you would like your bunting to be), cut strips of burlp and strips of fabric...and start tying the strips on to the twine. I alternated between the burlap and the flannel. Easy Peasy.

I generally don't decorate for Christmas quite this early but what's the harm of a little extra cheer?

Along with the crafting I've still been doing our homeschooling mornings and also a huge home purge. As in...going through every drawer and nook and crevice of our home and either selling or giving away what we don't use. I've been laying aside keepsakes and sticking photos in albumns - trying to simply simplify as much as possible. 
I have been blessed to find a local online women's group that sell things from home. You can put a picture up of something you aren't using, a yard sale price...and whoever "wins" can come pick up at your house. What's really fun is the ability to just leave a bag of some nonsense never used on your front step, come home and find it gone and a few bucks under your door mat. 

I do love a homey home. I'm realizing though that clutter doesn't necessarily make a place homey. 
For me, beautiful earthy scents and fabrics and handmade goodness is what makes me feel most at peace. Also - clean surfaces. Don't every underestimate a clean surface. 
It's just my Christmas way. I think I do this every year at this time...
maybe it's seeing all of the new stuff at stores and the consumerism that overwhelms my brain.

Also, a confession :
The Christmas Carol Pandora radio station has been on full blast for 2 straight days.
I'm excited this year for Christmas. 
It's been a long time since I've felt this way.

I'm not sure if it's our new home, or the kids being older and them really enjoying our family traditions and giving, or if it's my ever growing love for the Christ child. 
Whatever it is... it feels really good. 
Why not start celebrating His birth in the season of thanks? 

Have a lovely day friends. 

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  1. I am feeling all sorts of happy for you right now. I love this time of year. Our holiday decorations went up on the weekend, and the holiday music has been playing too. There are twinkle lights in every room, and my home feels warm and cozy, ready for winter. So happy you are enjoying this season, and feeling the excitement. Enjoy!!!!