Friday, March 4, 2016

Favorites on Friday ... and the Little Boy's Room

“As for you girls, you must risk everything for Freedom, and give everything for Passion, loving everything that your hearts and your bodies love. The only thing higher for a girl and more sacred for a young woman than her freedom and her passion should be her desire to make her life into poetry, surrendering everything she has to create a life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in her imagination.” 
― Roman Payne

Before you wonder why there are men's feet in girl pants, let me assure you there is nothing kinky going on here -  those are my very own strong and steady feet. They ran four miles yesterday, they are pretty amazing at holding a tree pose...and they are white and long and crooked. I'm learning to love my feet. The yoga mat, not to play second well loved . Who wouldn't want to work out with purple? Purple is becoming very close to me ... my 4 year old roots are stretching their little veins deeper into my soul and whispering "remember who you once were? You're still her."

Papaya pearls. It's a shame you can't eat them. They are so rich and translucent and plump and I just want to string them around my neck. For fear of decay ... and smelling like rotten fruit... I won't. 
Seems like such a waste.

But the taste of a ripe papaya - heaven. I use to hate it...just proves that if we give something a chance, long enough, we can form a serious attachment and appreciation. Look at that orange color...

Also , heaven help me that I've never had a vegan loaded baked potato _ till now. Goes something complicated like this :
Bake a potatoe - load it with vegan black bean chili, sprinkle with nutritional yeast and heap it high with fresh made guacamole. Toss on some olives and scoop into your mouth with romaine leaves. Delightful. Tis' one of my new favorite meals. 
Simple goodness and budget friendly.

I'm loving the green mountains in  my boy's room. I haven't "revealed" their bedroom because honestly, there isn't a ton to reveal. It's cute space but I spent basically zero dollars on it, there's isn't much new ... just simple and calm and easy to clean for my littlest men. 
I had some green paint leftover so I made a little mountain mural behind their beds (the beds we found at habitat for humanity) and then I also put up a tree decal and some star stickers on the ceiling - they love falling asleep under twinkling lights. The shelf was made for Brady's baby room 10 years ago by my sweet Miss Lori ... I still haven't put anything on it (what you see is just things I propped so they wouldn't be underfoot for now.) I guess I'm waiting for that perfect something to come along.

Zac found these nice cabinets on Craigslist. They are pretty hefty and this is just ONE of the set - he got both sets for 25 dollars (I'm using the other piece in the basement for storage.) Story goes : they belonged to a nun that was a seamstress that had even sewn things for the pope. I told Zac that I guess we have blessed shelves for sure. The curtains are from Target - I'm in love with Navy right now. 

I found this chief at the antique mall and was instantly attracted to his colors and the insane amount of stitch work the artist put forth - holy crap ... that is dedication to a project. I believe when I saw him my words were "I'm getting that." 

I kept the boy's bedding simple - just white bedspreads and these Mexican blankets that I love. Pretty easy to come by too if you look in thrift stores long enough. 
That's about all that's in their bedroom - like I said ... simple does it. The more there is the more to clean and I'm learning that even though I come up with creative decorating ideas and always wanted to be all Montessori and wood toy everything - what the boys like the most are little characters like minions and spider man and crazy light up gadgets. I'm rolling with it.

Back to favorites...
I'm loving my little bunny friend that comes to visit every morning and HE's loving that I'm a juicer and a fruit eating fanatic. Every dawn he's greeted with bits of lettuce and apple cores and carrots tops - good eatin' around here. I'm always hoping to find a mini rabbit restaurant set up in the morning but I guess he's keeping the goods for himself. He may be stingy but I love him.

These two kids and impromptu Oscar parties. 
~ blue dresses
~ eyeliner beards
~ Tangerine Italian soda
~ attitude
They kill me.
Their creativity and love for dress up is most definitely one of my on going favorite things.

~ dressing room selfies

~ posing
~ embarrassing my daughter 
~ wide eyes
~ silly faces

Currently I'm going through a "I can't believe how old my daughter is getting" and "she's going to leave me someday" phase. Then I stop, try to breathe, and just enjoy today instead of worrying and being sad about the inevitable.
 I'm trying
I love her big beautiful eyes and thick mane of hair. 

Also I'm loving my new bedroom curtains - very boho and the material is so soft and silky I almost want to cut them up into strips and mummify my body. BUT, after four weeks of an online search for a perfect (and marked down) pair of curtains I thought better of taking scissors to them. I'm learning that clearance at Urban Outfitters is a pretty serious game - not for the weak of heart. 

They're sheer enough to share light, yet dark enough paired with blinds to allow a good night sleep. I love them. 

Last but not least ... I'm enjoying my desk nook. Zac found this piece of butcher block for five dollars and we already had the casters - it was a perfect fit for the space ... he didn't have to make even one cut. I hung some photos and re used my little lamp and I think it will be a good place to write or send the kids to for home school. 
It's all coming together a little at a time. 
I love making my space lovely.
What were some of your favorite things/people this past week? 

~Alyssa Spring~


  1. Loving this list of favourites Alyssa. The boys room looks amazing, calm and peaceful, and I am sure they have a ton of fun in there. And I love your little desk nook too.

  2. I love this! THe boys room does look so simple. I need an overhaul in my kids room. It is craziness! We have such a small space that it is pretty hopeless though. Unless they just run around naked and possession-less.
    The impromptu oscar party is sooooo cute! Just made my day.
    And I can't stand papaya. It smells like dirty feet to me. Maybe one day I will eventually be able to get past the smell and enjoy it? Haha.