Friday, April 10, 2015

I Love

“what if we intentionally make the most of every day we receive?” 
― Kim Cash TateHidden Blessings

I called and I called for her and there was no answer...

 ... my squirrel had found a tree to rest in. 
I couldn't think of a better use for a tree-house. It's rare to find my children asleep in the middle of the day, I love the privilege of being able to see sleeping children. There is nothing sweeter then a rested soul. 

I love visiting the rooms of our little house, finding other little houses full of other little lives. 
I love spotting signs of imagination. 

I love walking outside and finding a new that I didn't full bloom in my very own backyard. Anyone know what kind this is? I love flowers but sadly haven't been properly introduced to most of them. 

I love finding new uses for old things. 

I love remembering that I am crafty. I love pretending that I'm a newlywed and making myself a wedding gift in an afternoon. This one just needs a frame...

I love figuring things out. I love accenting words in gold. I love my kids coming up and saying "oh wow, you are such a good painter! Will you give me lessons?" My littles always making me feel talented in my simple creations - as if I could "charge" them for formal lessons. I simply say "I will show you what I know" for that's the best any of us can do for another isn't it? 

I love coming across an old photo and realizing that all of those long days at home, isolated with my four little kids,  when I felt/feel like I couldn't keep up and longed for an adult conversation - I was never alone. Instead, I was blessed tremendously. 


  1. Your life is a beautiful blessing. And goodness your little one sleeping in the treehouse...melt a mama's heart. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  2. I think I'd like to take up Trinity's little napping place. It looks like a lovely little spot!