Thursday, June 19, 2014

June...and Roses

It's June...oh my...and what a lovely June it has been so far! 
The flowers are in full bloom...

...and so is my squirrel's smile. Nothing makes her happier then a fist full of flowers. 
June has brought us...

~ afternoons of crafting
~ a not so rigid homeschool schedule (not that it usually is)
~ mosquitoes that are DYING thanks to my new bug zapper. I got one that works for 1.5 acres...that ought to do it boys. 
~ afternoon thunderstorms and gorgeous evening lightening displays
~ an amazing deal on some blackout curtains
~ tornado sirens and awesome cloud formations

~ snacky lunches on the couch
~ the kids first viewing of Honey I Shrunk the Kids!
~ watermelon and more watermelon
~ Costco's awesome blueberries

~ Ice Cream!

~ You Scream!

~ We ALL scream for ice cream!!!

~ inventions
~bare feet
~ shaving cream smearing with sticks
~ pool time! 

~ roses... lots of roses
~ starting the mornings off the right way...with coffee and my Bible
~ David Nevue and his gorgeous piano music filling our home
~ loving our church more and more
~ new books
~ finding ways to give

~ enjoying today but smiling at the future
~ anticipation of meeting the cousins in July!

~ sundresses
~ sunscreen
~ long runs on the treadmill

~ cereal just because we are bored of oatmeal
~ ponytails...even for all of our boys!
~ bonding as a family
~ Papa John's Pizza of course

~ shades of pinks and reds and cream
~ rearranging our house as usual
~ mowing the lawn weekly
~ monarchs flying through our yard

~ Father's Day!
~ Big packages!

~ The WORLD CUP!!!
~ guacamole
~ soccer in the yard

~ ladybugs
~ learning about new things
~ seeing friends that we haven't seen in ten years

~ canopies in the yard

~ soccer goals made out of creative husband
~ bubble chasing

~ gnomes
~ fresh mint
~ chugging water on a constant basis
~ feeling content because I am loved and know the One that created me and mine
~ loving my husband more than ever
~ knowing that my kids are beautifully and wonderfully made and feeling hope for them and their future

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  1. Sounds like you have a very enjoyable June! :)