Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happiness is ...

Happiness is :

~ finding sweet love notes on the bed stand....

~ and then opening it to find a special surprise

~ a beloved craft that never seems to grow old
~ bright colors
~ handmade gifts and thinking and praying for the special recipient
~ visits to Hobby Lobby

~ two trees, intertwined ...almost hugging, standing together in the forest, for years and years....everlasting commitment
~ being able to see romance in everything...even trees :)

~ Having a soul mate
~ Having a handsome soul mate
~Having a kind soul mate
~ Having an everlasting friend

~ sunshine peeking through trees
~ the smell of pine
~ a birthday hike with the aforementioned "soul mate"

~ muffins that look like mountains

~ early Christmas presents because a baby was bored...and a mama can't keep a surprise
~ ten little toes

~ Dollar tree playdough
~ mixing up all of the colors...and no one caring

~ special gifts from my love
~ pure beeswax candles
~ the light sweet scent of honey

~ slipper boots ...enough said

~ finding fairies in fairyland...and I didn't put them there
~ imagination
~ the song "How Deep the Father's Love For Us"
~ sweet memories of my Havala and Emily and Joy...wishing I could hug their necks and eat apple pie with ALL of them

~ learning new skills
~ occupational therapy through everyday living
~ chocolate

~ fall crafts
~ smiling littles and a plateful chocolate kisses
~ a large enough table to spread out, nice enough to look "nice" but old enough to be used the REAL way (markers, glue, glitter...etc etc)

~ sun shining through colored glass
~ a soft breeze
~ hopes for the future
~ good dreams
~ birds singing

~ a game of tag and no one yelling "HEY! Where's your pants?!"

~ wiggling bodies in green grass
~ dog pile of buddies
~ built in friends

~ serious beautiful faces
~ snagging a carhart coat for $5.00
~ more hopes and dreams

~finished products
~ nutter butter bite, chocolate kiss acorns
~ Pintrest
~ knowing my husband is coming home in the morning

Happy Saturday Friends

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